Café World Adds Space Outfits; More Alien Decorations

Zynga’s Café World space-themed expansion wasn’t complete after round one, oh no. Earlier today, another huge batch of decorations were added, including new sci-fi gifts to send to your friends, and new clothing options for your chef.

Another large batch of sci-fi restaurant decorations were added, as well. While the last batch seemed to be mostly futuristic and space-themed, this batch is definitely meant to seem more alien, and organic. Alien plants, alien tables that seem to be alive themselves, and plenty more. It’s all very cool, and kinda creepy.

Hit the jump for a full gallery of all the additions (over 20 images!). Seriously, look at the pics. Took me FOREVER to snap and organize them all. So… don’t make it go to waste ;)

Café World space-themed clothing:

Café World sci-fi alien restaurant decorations:

Café World alien gifts:

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  1. January 21st, 2010
  2. January 21st, 2010