Farmville Adds New Mystery Chest

In addition to a new lake decoration, tonight’s Farmville update also introduced a new mystery chest, for sale for 16 FV$. Avid Farmville players will know by now that Mmystery boxes are no big thing, but this is a mystery chest. The difference? Farmville promises that the chest contains “some of the best items from previous mystery boxes.” It’s like a Farmville mystery box Greatest Hits collection.

So far, the following items have been confirmed to have come from this chest:

- Stone Well
- Hot Tub
- Sneaky (Scare) Crow
- Donkey
- Rock Stream
- Platinum Gnome
- Golden Fountain

Did you buy one of these Mystery Chests? If so, what did you receive?

Cheers to Farmville Freak for the Chest contents list.

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