Café World Survey Reveals Future Upgrades?

Zynga linked their Café World fans to a survey yesterday, and in the process tipped their hand regarding many potential future upgrades and additions to the hit restaurant title. Survey participants were asked about a variety of potential game features, and asked to rate them on a love/hate scale.

So, while we don’t know for certain what Zynga is cooking up, they wouldn’t be asking about things like Spice Racks, a drink bar, or a refrigerator unless they were considering implementing these features, would they? Although it will likely be closed soon, as of now the survey is still open and can be viewed here. The complete list of questions is below. Which of these features would you most like to see added?

Spice Rack — Select from a variety of spices that allow you to speed up cook times, remove spoilage, add extra servings, & more! Stop by your friends cafe and help them out by spicing their food too.

Mystery Recipe – Post a feed and have your friends help you discover the ingredients to a secret recipe!

Drinks Bar – Add a drinks bar to your cafe where your friends will mix their own drinks!

Special Recipes – Cook from a new menu… these new, FREE recipes will require your friends to help cook them!

Refrigerators – Store some of those extra servings for later.

Catering Orders – Once in awhile, you might get a BIG order that buys all of your food at once!

Scratchers! – Earn scratch lottery tickets – You can win dishes, decorations…even café cash!

Buzz Boost – Hire a band to play in your café, and get 105 buzz for the entire time they play!

Daily Double – Every day, one of our dishes will feature double payout when you serve. You never know which!

Food Critic – Impress the critic by cooking many varied dishes, regularly changing your décor, and getting friends to visit. See where you rank against your neighbors.

VIP Treatment – when you see a friend walk in your café, click them to give them the VIP treatment!

Messages – leave messages for friends.

Greeting Cards – post greeting cards to your friend’s FB wall to let them know what you think of their café.

Café rating – rate your friends café 1-5 stars.

Drive Thru– Add a drive thru window to your café, and customers can order to go from the street.

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