What is Inside Pet Society’s Marvelous Mystery Box?

Pet Society developer Playfish released a new “Marvelous” Mystery Box, earlier today. The box is for sale for 5 Playfish Cash (just under $1) and according to Playfish contains “A guaranteed not in store item from a brand new collection which you can’t find anywhere else.”

We know that when it comes to mystery boxes in Pet Society or any other game, all players really want to know is what’s inside. Courtesy of the Playfish Forums, we have a full list of contents! Check it out:

Potion Shelf Decor
Classroom Chalkboard
Phonograph Decor
Napoleon Bear
Golden Foil Door
Golden Foil Window
Luminous Brooklyn Bride View Window
Petatlas Statue
Pink Daisy Crown
Liberty Pet Crown
Luminous Sweetheart Makeup Table
Pot O’ Gold
Gold Trimmed Eye Mask
Gold Trimmed Bat hRobe
Pink Pet V Guitar
Pink Earphone
Makeup Assortment Decor
Pink Sewing Machine Decor
Luminous Gothic Chandelier
Silver White Wig
Red Phone Box
Mini Ben Clock
Bamboo Leaf Lamp
Bouquet With Fan Letter
Premiere Night Wallpaper
Luminous Pet Cinema Sign
Premiere Red Rope
Midsummer Pole
White Ceiling Fan
Galo de Barcelos
Colosseum View Window
Retro Car Deco
Princess Garden Table
Art Deco Lamp
Pets Movie Poster
Tree Stained Glass Panel
Lucky Cat
Yellow Checkered Dining Table
Starry Night Lamp
Moon Rabbit Doll
Royal Cupboard
Green Marquee
Black Cyclops Couch
Black Fire Helmet
Antique Cedar Door
Dark Queen Bed
Cute Bookcase
Wau Bulan
Bali Dancer Headdress
Jasmine Flower Decor
Bright Fanoos
Princess Swing Seat

There isn’t really too much more to say, I don’t think. Three cheers to Pet Society superfans Treehorn and Jay. P for the Mystery Box intel.

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