Mafia Wars St. Patrick’s Day Event Begins

Mafia Wars developer Zynga has finally revealed the game’s St. Patrick’s Day event: The Dublin Derby. The ultimate goal? Steal the Dublin Stallion!

It works like this: As with previous holidays, players will have three jobs to choose from: a 24-hour job, an 8-hour job, and a 5-minute job. The job you pick determines how much XP you’re rewarded, as well as your odds of receiving the prized stallion & other St. Patrick’s Day items. The three job choices are Bribe the Judges, Switch the Jockey, and Steal the Favored Horse.

In addition to the Dublin Derby, there is also a new St. Patrick’s Day item collection to vault! The seven items are: Irish Flag, Leprechaun, Green Fireworks, Green Bowler’s Cap, Lucky Pint Glass, Pot of Gold and Bagpipes. The leprechaun, fireworks, and bowler cap drop randomly from any job in the game. The pint glass and pot of gold are earned randomly through fights. The bagpipes can only be obtained as a gift from a friend. And finally the Irish Flag can only be obtained by completing one of the special St. Patrick’s Day Events outlined above.

Your reward for completing the collection? An Irish Wolfhound, which has 48 Attack and 29 Defense.

Finally, rounding out the event is a new achievement, available to those players who complete the St. Patrick’s Day missions enough times to earn 100% mastery – the Lucky shot Achievement.

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    • nelwandi
    • March 27th, 2010


    i just wonder, will zynga hold the same event next year?
    since i miss the valentine day event and also st patrick, but the loot from valentine & st patrick wont disappear. they still in their place and i had no idea how to complete them. i try to trade but they cost expensive.

  1. April 3rd, 2010