Restaurant City Giving Away More Freebies

SGC has written lots of news posts about free ingredients, coins, and decorations being given away on the Restaurant City fan page. Playfish is probably the most generous Facebook game maker, when it comes to freebies.

Despite this history of gift giving, if anything the rate of free items seems to be increasing. We’ve compiled a handy list of free Restaurant City giveaways that have taken place over the last few days:

Chicken Ingredient – Click Here
Kiwi Ingredient – Click Here
Raisin Ingredient – Click Here
Sugar Ingedient – Click Here
1000 Free Coins – Click Here

Five free items in five days – is Restaurant City officially on a one-gift-per-day schedule, now? If so perhaps we’ll collect a week’s worth of free items into one wrap-up post, in the future. Remember, players can collect *all* of these free items – there is no need to pick just one. The only requirement is that you be patient enough to wait for the game to load and award your free item, each time.

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