Happy Aquarium Adds Egg Hunt Collection

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has added a second item collection: Egg Hunt! This Easter-inspired collection unlocks at level 13, and encourages players to find a series of “precious eggs” that a little bunny hopped around and hid.

Like the first item collection, the Super Sea Shell Hunt, players will need to find three common, three uncommon, and three rare items to complete the collection. Each item, when found, exists as a physical object inside a player’s tank, and also gets them one step closer to the final reward, which is only unlocked when the full collection has been found.

To find collection items, visit the tanks of your fellow Happy Aquarium players, and click on their treasure chest. If you’re lucky, you will earn a collection item as well as the normal coins. You can also find collectables within your own treasure chest.

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    • chris
    • May 1st, 2010

    what do te three rare eggs look like ? i have 2 of them but im missing the last one so i wanted to know waht it looked like

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