Happy Pets Adds Nursery Rooms

Like the attic released a few days ago, Happy Pets added another new room to player’s pet homes that has a special purpose. The new Nursery room is only for newborn pets that are still in their baby basket.

The Nursery costs 300 coins and requires a whopping 40 neighbors to unlock, unfortunately. Those players that don’t have that many Happy Pets-playing friends can also purchase the room for 20 FB$ ($2.00). The room comes with its own new wall and floor patterns.

Normal pets aren’t allowed in the nursery – babies only! There are actually quite a few rules about what is and isn’t allowed in this new space. The following has been taken from the official Happy Pets forums:

- Nursery acts like a regular room but capacity is increased
- Nursery comes with it’s own unique wallpaper and floor

- Nursery is fully customizable
- The store is functional in the Nursery, but limited. You cannot buy pets or pet accessories when you are in the Nursery.
- You cannot move already born pets into the Nursery.
- Neighbors can visit your nursery to bless your baby baskets.

- Requirements: 40 neighbors + 300 Coins OR 20 Facebook Credits to unlock the Nursery
- Nursery starts with a base of 4 Pet capacity but increases by +2 Pet capacity every 3 levels
- Babies are not allowed to “Hatch” in the Nursery (you must move baby basket to another room in the house before you can hatch it)

Gameplay Changes:
- User must now “Grow Up” a baby in order to receive
* Requires a Click on the basket when the baby has completed it’s growth cycle (instead of being automatically born when entering the game)

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