Treasure Madness Adds Earth Day Maps & Treasures

Treasure Madness developer zSlide added four large Earth Day maps this morning, with five new collections hidden within. I’m sure most treasure diggers are breathing a sigh of relief that the game’s Earth Day celebrations aren’t as extensive as Easter, which introduced 165 treasures for players to find and vault.

Sometimes it seems as though zSlide can’t win. Players complain about not having enough maps to dig, but when the company goes holiday-crazy, other players complain about not having enough time to complete everything. Such is the life of a social game developer.

In any case, the new maps are: Trashcan Island (10 MU$), Sun Island (Free), Panda Island (2200 GP), and Tree Island (1300 GP). The five new treasure collections are: Renewable Energy Items, Earth Day Items, Earth Day Symbols, Endangered Species, and Recycled Items.

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    • Koneko
    • April 19th, 2010

    The problem is not the time per se, but that the game put some severe limits on maximum “health points” that will build over time. Many players see it as a blatant cash grab to compel dedicated players to purchase the game’s “museum dollars”.

  1. I could say it is *definitely* a blatant cash grab. Without spending any money, you have to play 24/7 to just *try* to complete the new maps. Even then, you won’t be able to complete them unless your friends send you kits and you level up… or if the stupid storm goes away.

    • Carolyn Faulkner
    • April 21st, 2010

    Unbelievably bad management, and yet they keep adding more and more twists that seem calculated to anger their core players; the most recent being this morning’s – the only free fruit that can now be sent is a kiwi – a mere 10 HP. Pages and pages of furious one star reviews has lowered their usual glowing rating from 4 and a quarter stars to barely three and falling. Their own forum – on which, in early April they promised they were listening and would respond accordingly – is chock full of “I’m leaving” posts and players begging for a return to the way things were before, which go unanswered by the developers.

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