Restaurant City Adds Exclusive Sushi Bar Reward

Restaurant City developer Playfish recently added what may be the crown jewel of the game’s long-running Japanese decor expansion: a fully-animated rotating sushi bar! Getting one isn’t easy, however. The only way players can obtain the new sushi bar is to advance their Salmon Sashimi recipe to level 10.

Luckily, Salmon Sashimi is a permanent addition to the Restaurant City menu, and isn’t a limited time offer like many of the game’s themed recipes. Learning the dish requires two Salmon and one Wasabi. This means that to reach level 10, players will need 20 Salmon and ten Wasabi total.

Players can gift the ingredients to one another, trade for them, or find them in mystery boxes in their neighbor’s restaurants. These new mystery crates pop up at random when visiting neighbors, and contain a random ingredient or decoration. Finally, players can also purchase either ingredient with Playfish Cash if they aren’t patient enough to gift or trade with friends.

The Sushi Bar itself serves two customers, and displays all of the player’s royal Japanese dishes.

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