Happy Aquarium Brings Back Pearl Idol

Back in late March, Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced a one-day-only Pearl Idol. The idol cost about $14, but it gave players one free pearl a day, forever. As we noted at the time, this means the idol would actually pay for itself after about five and a half months, making it a pretty good deal for players committed to Happy Aquarium long term.

Today, the Pearl Idol has come back “by popular demand,” with two twists:

1) The price is now significantly higher. The new Pearl idol is 198 FB$ ($19.80), while the old one was 138 FB$ ($13.80).

2) This new Pearl Idol is available in a limited quantity, instead of for a limited time. As of this moment, there are about 1950 remaining.

One interesting observation – the availability of the Pearl Idol appears to be updating in real time. We came back to the game after seven minutes, and 10 more Pearl Idols ($198 worth) had been sold.

Players can also purchase more than one Pearl Idol, this time around. So if you’re a Happy Aquarium player with deep enough pockets, you could buy several and essentially give yourself unlimited Pearls.

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