Happy Aquarium Introduces Trapped Barrel Animal

Many Happy Aquarium players (it doesn’t seem to be unlocked for everyone yet) came across a new type of lost / adoptable animal, this morning. Aquarium owners now have the opportunity to perform an ‘Animal Rescue’ on a mystery animal trapped inside a barrel. With the help of their friends, of course.

After selecting to participate in the animal rescue, players will see a floating barrel at the top of their tank. Clicking on the barrel then brings up a player’s progress bar. To rescue the trapped animal, players will need to gather materials from their friends – a game mechanic first popularized by Farmville, a couple months ago.

Players need: 3 Plyers [sic], 3 Crowbars, 3 Screwdrivers, 3 Hammers, 4 Gloves, and 3 generic helpers – a grand total of 19 items. Players can post a news feed item letting their friends know which item they need. Any neighbor that then clicks on that news feed post will send you one of the required materials. Materials can also be purchased for 15 pearls a piece.

So… what is this mysterious mystery animal, that players have to work so hard to earn? It is… a mini white Beluga Whale:

Pretty neat, right? We do wish players only had to collect two or three types of items instead of six, however. That is quite a bit of news feed spamming players will need to put up with, to get one.

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    • giusy
    • May 5th, 2010

    come devo fare x sbloccare l’animale dentro la botte di legno????fatemi sapere nn capisco xche si è fermato al 31% e nn va avanti.

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