Mafia Wars Paris: Everything You Need To Know

When Mafia Wars developer Zynga first teased the upcoming release of a Paris expansion. SGC assumed it was several weeks if not months away. After all, there was a huge build up leading up to the launch of Bangkok, the previous expansion.

But, Zynga threw us all a curveball. Paris was sent live just a couple days after it was first announced.

We have a complete Mafia Wars: Paris guide Here is everything you need to know:

It is not a full-fledged expansion
Unlike Cuba, Moscow, and Bangkok, Mafia Wars: Paris is not a complete expansion. This is what Zynga meant by its cryptic “Challenge Mission” statement when Paris was first announced. There are no Paris properties, or loot items, and there are just a handful (most likely nine) missions.

Think of Mafia Wars: Paris as something bigger than the week-long special holiday events, but something smaller than a full city expansion.

It is only available for a limited time
The Paris Challenge missions are only available for about 18 more days as of now. After that, the city goes away forever!

Paris Has an actual, cohesive story
Previous Mafia Wars cities have had a loose plot line players advanced through. But in Paris, your mission is clear: Steal the Mona Lisa. Every mission you complete leads you closer to this singular goal.

It has exclusive loot
New high-end loot is available to players that master the three Paris Challenge levels:
Chapter 1: Parisian Fixer, ATK 30 DEF 61
Chapter 2: French Kiss, ATK 75 DEF 45
Chapter 3: DaVinci Q415, ATK 63 DEF 103

It unlocks in waves
Right now, only Chapter 1 is available. Players will be able to begin on Chapter 2 in four days, and Chapter 3 opens up in 11 days.

Paris has new rules
Mafia Wars: Paris does a bunch of things that are new to Mafia Wars. We’re here to break it all down for you.

When you first enter Paris, you will have access to just the first three jobs: Enter Paris, Track Down Your Fixer, and Gather Materials. These missions require energy as normal, but they also require “Paris Maps.” Players can earn 10 of these maps every 24 hours by visiting Mafia Wars: Paris. And they are also (rarely) found at random completing missions in other cities.

Paris features a new “heat meter.” Every mission you complete increases it. Once it reaches certain levels, each Paris mission will require more energy, and (much more importantly) more additional Paris Maps. These maps are quite rare, so players SHOULD NOT continue to complete Paris missions when the heat is on. The heat meter will return to normal after eight hours.

The basic idea with Mafia Wars: Paris is to BE PATIENT. Due to the heat meter climbing so quickly, players will only be able to complete a couple missions before they begin requiring two Paris Maps instead of one. Players might be tempted to continue completing missions anyway, until their maps are gone, but it is important that this temptation is resisted! The heat meter resets every 8 hours, but players can only earn more free Paris Maps every 24 hours.

So players that play smart, and only spend their Paris Maps when the heat meter is at its lowest state, will be able to survive and progress the fastest, over the long term. And maybe even pull off the ultimate heist… the Mona Lisa itself…

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    • May 1st, 2010

    What is the criteria to go to Paris? I am a level 12, have a level 1 chop shp and the option does not appear.

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