Up & Coming: Kingdoms of Camelot

By Cody Musser

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Watercooler describes their game, Kingdoms of Camelot, as the most advanced game on Facebook. After spending some time with the title, we’re beginning to agree that this might be more than just puffery. Kingdoms of Camelot is an intensely detailed and elaborate kingdom building simulation. However, as is often the case, elaborate details can come at the cost of intuitiveness and simplicity.

Kingdoms of Camelot starts players off selecting a Lord or Lady for their empire, vying to win the attention of King Arthur through building a worthy kingdom, and eventually, through the conquest of other kingdoms. New players start by creating their kingdom and lord, and then work their way through the introduction by Merlin. This tutorial helps players learn the basics, but doesn’t go into the game’s more advanced elements. When wondering what to do next, it’s best to simply complete the quests the game suggests. This makes KoC fairly linear, in the beginning. Our progress for the first few hours of play included quest, reward, quest, reward, quest… you get the idea.

This is the point where someone looking for a simple, easy title might turn away from Kingdoms of Camelot and not try to crack the shell to get the golden egg hidden within. Stick with the game through the confusing early moments and you can quickly discover the depth of what is essentially a full-featured strategy game.

The game itself is divided into various screens of view. You’ll be looking at either your city, the field surrounding it, the greater map with other kingdoms and points of conquest, or your court. Each of these views is filled with possible activities for you to complete. Inside your city you’ll build various important aspects of your kingdom to help outfit your soldiers and townspeople. These include the Barracks, Tavern, Market, Alchemy Lab and more. Outside your city in the field you’ll build Farms, Mines, Sawmills and similar structures. This can be a bit confusing, but it’s best to think of it like this: Inside the city you handle your people, and outside it you handle your resources.

The many resources gathered from your field are used for researching upgrades or building new structures. It’s impressive to think that almost every building you create in Kingdoms of Camelot will offer you some upgrades or research, and that absolutely everything is upgradable, from your Sawmills to your Castle, and even the City Wall.

The degree to which you’ll be focusing on the development of your kingdom and its upgrades might make Kingdoms of Camelot seem like a single-player game, but the social aspects of all Facebook games are naturally present here as well. You’ll have the opportunity to join or create an Alliance, which is essentially like a guild of players who become your greater teammates. You can always chat with either global players, or directly to your Alliance. You can send gifts to friends, and a premium currency, Gems, can be purchased through Paypal or by completing sponsored offers. This is all pretty common, but Kingdoms of Camelot might take things a little overboard when it comes to making Facebook wall posts about your building upgrades. When friends click on it, your creation will be sped up by one minute. A help of course, but this could lead to some pretty clogged feeds with updates occurring every couple minutes or so for active players in early parts of the game.

Even after days, players will probably feel like they’re still in KoC’s “beginner period.” Progress isn’t fast in Kingdoms of Camelot, and you won’t be able to attack or be attacked for a full four days after creating your kingdom. It’s in this first four days that most players will probably decide to stick with Kingdoms of Camelot, or drop it. In four days even the most diehard players won’t have scratched too deeply into the deeper experiences of the game. For this reason we’re going to keep playing, specifically because Kingdoms of Camelot has one important thing… potential. We’ll do our best to keep exploring the advanced features and segments, and relay to you how much more is actually hiding in the Mists of Avalon.

One thing is certain: Kingdom of Camelot has more in common with deeper PC strategy games than it does with Farmville. This depth has apparently struck a chord with a certain segment of the Facebook population – the game now has over 2.3 million monthly players, and is still growing steadily.

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    • Jack Roo
    • May 4th, 2010

    Tries hard to be evony but without its edge. More comfy cushions Biggles!

    • Meg McIlroy
    • May 4th, 2010

    I agree that the game is awesome. But when it all crashed last week – MANY of us lost a lot of things that we had actually paid for with gems that we buy from you.
    The crash wasn’t that bad but losing all those things as well as troops is unbelievable.
    You should restore them.
    Also, the grid needs to be larger – there is no area anymore that is not overpopulated.
    There needs to be more options, for example, the area where it shows the leader of your alliance, it should also show all the members that are in the alliance the same way as it shows the leaders. In that way, we know who ALL is online.
    There were many things that were not thought out and need to be added…. why not ASK us… the players!

    • Jude Grilley
    • May 4th, 2010

    Its obvious you didn’t get too far into the game. You didn’t mention all the glitches in it nor did you mention that once your done building (level 9) there isn’t anything left to do but attack, and that does get old after a while. The “2nd city” requirements aren’t bad but getting the “3rd city” is simply a matter of luck, unless, of course, you want to pay real money for it and even then it is a matter of luck. The prices for items bought with gems (which you have to purchase with real money) are way too high. And the global chat is known to get xxx rated at times. Lastly, technical support is very iffy. Yup, could be a great game, but there are ALOT of issues to be worked out first.

    • admin
    • May 4th, 2010

    Thank for the feedback Jude (and everyone else)! This write-up came after about 5-7 days of play and was meant to be a First Look & overview of the title. It isn’t a review – it is meant to provide readers with KoC basics.

  1. ciao

    • Desha
    • May 6th, 2010

    If you get in with a good alliance and really get into all the aspects of the game it can be really awesome. I had no idea what the game was about for at least the first week. The key is to stick with it for a bit and find a good, helpful alliance. If yours does not help you, leave it and find another.

    And yes, there are some glitches and bugs in the game but the devs seem to be working on them. I definitely wish they would seek more input from us players though. There are many little things they could still do to improve it.

    • Mankubus
    • May 6th, 2010

    i play advocately this game sure it has bugs n stuff.. but its a beta thats what a beta is for to find bugs so they can fix it.. they do have a feed back link you can tell them everything you think should be in the game can it improve.. sure barb camps could reward more.. i know feeding a 900k army is tiresome.. i do it daily so unless you guys really know what you are talking about stop qqing and play or dont play it took me 1 day to get my crests for 3rd city.. and no i wasnt lucky i just hit every wild in a 10 min raidus.. over n over of each of my cities 10 troop marches at a time.. and guess what i got dis from tournaments.. learn 2 play and the game can pay for itself.. there are things that need done but.. its beta im sure they are working on lots of things

    • Lou Johnson
    • May 6th, 2010

    Why do people who are more powerful than me get to attack ME???
    This game permits PvP and attacks are a part of the game. People with power seldom want to lose their power in attacks on their equals. They are attacking you BECAUSE you are weaker and keep attacking you because they get stuff from you (or because you piss them off with your reaction to them). So react reasonably, and set your city up to keep them from getting anything from it. See the section titled “DEFENDING YOUR CITY.”

    this is watercooler’s response to being attacked or bullied in this game. but when someone i know was attacking an alliances wilds, they banned him from the game for it. they take sides and control who can start war and who can not.

    they do not stick to their own rules. they allow cyber sex to go on daily in global chat. the game has so many glitches, it can be a pain to play. if their glitches make you lose something, they do not give it back ever. but if you get something from a glitch, they take what you got back plus some and reprimand you.

    this game the best. FAR from it.

  2. bel bioco

    • Jeff
    • May 8th, 2010

    I must admit I really enjoyed playing this game and have done so almost every day. Untilll a few weeks ago when i game would not load. I have checked with watercooler and the “game will not load section” and followed the steps to no avail. Now i get a error 1057 code and white screen. So after months of playing all my troops are starving and my alliance messages me daily wondering where I am. I noticed on water cooler that this is a know issue and observed someone that has had the same problem for over a month. I understand this is a beta game, however it is very frustrating to play so much then just get cut off due to tecknical issues/bugs. I wonder if I will ever be able to play KoC at home and work again and if anybody is actually working to fix this problem….

  3. KoC its a great game based in Travian, another strategy game but this is web based.


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