Mafia Wars Releases Subterfuge Mystery Crate

Mafia Wars developer Zynga released a new ‘Subterfuge’ themed mystery crate this week. Like all Mafia Wars mystery crates, players can purchase one crate for 12 Reward Points, or three crates for 35 Reward Points. Players have a 60% chance of receiving a common item, 30% chance uncommon, and a 10% chance of nabbing one of the rare items.

The Subterfuge Crate contains eight potential items:

Hush Puppy – 34 Attack, 16 Defense
Fake ID – 19 Attack, 42 Defense

Con Man – 16 Attack, 35 Defense
Poison Filled Ring – 32 Attack, 17 Defense
Boot Knife – 15 Attack, 33 Defense
Concealed Armor – 22 Attack, 40 Defense

Spy Plane – 31 Attack, 58 Defense
Stealth Car – 41 Attack, 30 Defense

Did you buy a Subterfuge Crate? If so, did you get what you wanted? Let us know in the comments below! We have images of some of the Subterfuge Crate contents below.

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