Happy Pets Releases Horses!

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has added Horses! While this new pet variety is an exciting addition to be sure, Crowdstar seems to have sensed that horses have been eagerly anticipated by the community – players will need to jump through some pretty major hoops before they can begin raising their new horse pets.

First off, players have to purchase the new Horse Stable decoration. It can (oddly) be placed anywhere, including inside, and cost 800 coins. This part’s easy. The not-so-fun step comes next: constructing the stable.

Like constructing buildings in other social games, players must collect the required materials from their friends. Players can send one another horse stable materials via the happy pets gift tab, or a player can request a specific material via a Facebook wall post. Unlike other social games, players must gather 80 materials in total – 10 each of: Nails, Boards, Red Paint, White Paint, Horseshoes, Hay Stacks, Harnesses, and Bricks. That’s a lot of gifts!

Players that don’t want to go through all that hassle can also purchase a Horse Stable outright for 320 FB$ ($32.00).

Once the stable is finished, players are given a FREE horse as a reward, in a random color. Players can also spend coins to purchase a Coconut, Smoke, and Palomino horse, or spend FB$ to purchase a Fantasia or Cerulian Horse.

If there was any doubt left that horses are a big deal, players should note that horses have their own category in the Happy Pets store. Previously, the categories were Dogs, Cats, and Other, with all the new pet types (turtles, parrots, guinea pigs, etc.) tossed into that Other category.

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