Happy Pets Unleashes Catzilla

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar seems to have perfected the art of releasing special, limited-edition pets. Usually these animals are just normal dogs or cats with a fancy or themed paint jobs. But today, Crowdstar released a cat line-up that is truly special.

Four new “Catzilla” cats are now available: Microcat, Megacat, Ultracat, and Catzilla himself. The hook is that these cats are available in special sizes. Microcat is half the size of a normal Happy Pets cat, and the other three range in size, with the largest (presumably Catzilla) clocking in at THREE TIMES the normal cat size. That’s one big pet!

Catzilla carries a equally big price tag: 198 FB$ ($19.80). The other three limited editions range in price from 88 – 158 FB$.

If this pet line-up is a success, expect to see special ultra-big & ultra-small dogs, turtles, piglets, parrots, and more hit the Happy pets shop in the coming weeks and months.

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    • May 13th, 2010


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