Cafe World Introduces Cooking Mastery


Like the Crop Mastery in Farmville, or Fish Mastery in Fishville, Cafe World players can now master cooking individual dishes, to unlock special bonuses, as well as bragging rights.

The feature is actually more involved and better implemented than in either Farmville or Fishville, but its core mechanic remains the same. As players cook a lot of a single dish, players will complete levels of mastery for that dish. Cook it enough times, and the dish will be fully mastered, and players can move on to a new recipe. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Here’s where things get interesting: as players complete mastery levels, they are earning bonuses for that dish, AND working towards bigger goals, including brand new, themed recipes. First, the individual recipe bonuses:

Level 1 Mastery: Get more servings and a designer plate.
Level 2 Mastery: Get more cafe points and a new designer plate.
Level 3 Mastery: Cook faster and a new designer plate.

Not bad right? But the neat thing is that these recipe masteries are also used to unlock new dishes. All recipes have a theme. Themes include American Cuisine, Fast Food, Breakfast, Chinese Cuisine, Mexican Cuisine, and several more. As players master dishes from a specific country, they will unlock specialty international cookbooks that allow them to cook exclusive dishes.

All in all, Cooking Mastery seems to be a great addition to Cafe World. The combination of both short and long term goals and rewards should give players plenty to do in the coming weeks and months.

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