Mafia Wars: Bangkok Chapters 6 & 7 Out Now!

Mafia Wars: Bangkok’s two surprise chapters are available now. The finale kicks off with Chapter 6: Saboteur. Hopefully players have been saving up their Baht – the required items aren’t cheap! Players will also need plenty more dreaded Satellite Phones.

The first few Chapter 6 missions are:
- Shore Up Control of Your New Territory
- Spread the Wealth to Your New Lieutenants
- Eliminate the Last Traces Resistance
- (Choice Point) Get a Gang Member Back Into Thailand
- Kidnap a Trade Consortium Leader
- Extort the Consortium’s Remaining Officers

New loot items include: Seux Machine Gun, Poisoned Crossbow, Nguhea Sniper Rifle, Royal Thai Body Armor, Jungle Fatigue, Lorry, Khway SUV, and Taen Gunship.

We know this is the conclusion to Mafia Wars: Bangkok as Zynga is running fresh Facebook ads encouraging players to “Finish what you started.” Exciting!

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