Happy Pets Introduces Trapped Mystery Pet

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a new trapped pet earlier today, in a feature almost identical to the Box of the Unknown popping up in Happy Island. The trapped pet can be found in Room 1 of players’ homes. To release and adopt the trapped animal, players will need to enlist the help of seven friends, to open the seven locks. Friends can be summoned by creating a Facebook wall post.

So, what is inside this mystery pet box? Crowdstar states that it contains one of six brand new, exclusive pets, with some being much more rare than others. SGC has learned that five of the six pets are albino versions of existing animals, while the sixth (and apparently most rare) is something brand new: a mini dinosaur!

Besides this mini dino, the other five pets are:
- Albino Horse
- Albino Ferret
- Albino Parrot
- Albino Guinea Pig
- Albino Bunny

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