Restaurant City Makes Major Changes

Restaurant City developer Playfish introduced some major changes to the way the game’s employee shifts work this week, making the entire experience more like its sister game, Hotel City. Players can now have employee shifts lasting up to 24 hours, greatly reducing the frequency that players need to check in in order to keep their restaurant running at peak efficiency.

A variety of other changes were made, including increasing the Gourmet Points required to level up, revising how beds and arcade machines work, and eliminating the rest and food systems. Playfish’s full note regarding these changes is below. We’ve also snapped some pictures of the new RC interface.

- You can now open your restaurant for up to 24hours.

- Instead of feeding each one of your restaurant staff, now you simply need to pick how long to keep your restaurant open.

- To support this new feature we have had to increase the Gourmet Points required to level up. Now that everyone’s restaurant can stay open all day, Gourmet Points are much easier to earn. Serving a dish still earns the same number of points, based on the dish’s level, and we have increased the number of points you can earn from other actions like leveling up dishes and visiting friends. There is also a new Gourmet Point bonus for coming back on time. To balance these increases, we have also raised the number of Gourmet Points required for each level. To maintain your current level we have given everyone a one-time Gourmet Point boost.

- We have worked hard to stay true to the original game design, however we were unable to keep one important part: resting. After trying several different approaches we were not able to extend opening hours alongside resting without making the game overly complicated. If you are one our many players who enjoyed the strategy and challenge of resting staff, we apologize for removing this feature. We hope that the flexibility you gain from longer opening hours makes up for this.

- Without resting, the role of beds has changed. Now, your staff will work faster if there is a bed in the restaurant. The red bed gives a 0.5% speed boost and the gingerbread bed gives a 1% speed boost. The effect does not stack. If you have beds, you will also see your staff sleeping when your restaurant is closed. If you would like to sell any beds, you can redeem them for their full coin value (4,500 for the red bed, 12,000 for gingerbread bed).

- Finally, we felt that the way arcade machines worked could be improved. Now every machine has a fixed capacity and time that it takes to fill up. At the end of this time you can collect the coins earned and the machine will start filling up again. Machines will earn coins when you are offline too!

- You cannot feed or rest your staff any more, but they still like to see you at the end of a long hard day at the restaurant. Return to your restaurant at the end of your shift and you will receive a bonus. But be warned, if you are late* you had better expect some grumpiness from your staff!

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    • Suzanne M.
    • June 3rd, 2010

    I just may start playing this one again.

    • Diane
    • June 4th, 2010

    How do you get a bed for your restaurant?

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