My Town June 3rd Update

My Town updated on schedule last night by adding a couple of new buildings, as well as a new type of decoration: Flags! Players can now fly their own town colors, with over ten country flags to choose from.

Besides the flags, today’s other new additions are a small grocery store, and a United Nations building. We have pictures of all these new additions below.

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    • karonay
    • June 5th, 2010

    It would be really great if all these new items are offered to players on a Cash/Coins basis where one has a choice to either use Cash or coins. Buildings such as; Modern high rise, Upscale corporate tower, Kong tower, Olympus casino, and the United nations all look good in any city but r rather useless to many players who cant afford the cash. So if there could be an option to buy these with coins as well say: United nations 20 cash or 500,000 coins. even if the cash sum is massive, im sure lots of players will buy them other than having to leave the game coz they got bored.

    Also would it be possible to add a Sea port and Habour, as well as the former twin towers of the World Trade Centre?


    • admin
    • June 5th, 2010

    Well, I agree with you, but the bottom line is the people behind these games are BUSINESSES, and they have to make money. They let people play their games for free, instead of charging $10 – $60 for them. It would be nice if every time were free of course, but then they wouldn’t make enough money to keep their jobs :)

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