Metaplace Launches Legendary Treasure Alpha Test

Metaplace, the company behind My Vineyard and Island Life, is currently testing a third title: Legendary Treasure! Users can check out the game for themselves here.

Many Facebook games launch in an unfinished, rough state, and then get polished over time. But Legendary Treasure seems to be a true Alpha Test – just a few days ago player progress was (intentionally) reset. So, we encourage SGC members to try the game out, but just remember you are helping to test an unfinished product, so don’t get too attached to your character’s progress!

The game is a treasure digging title, like Zynga’s Treasure Isle, and zSlide’s Treasure Madness before it. Like both titles, players spend energy, which refills over time, to dig up tropical islands one tile at a time. These tiles will often contain gold, which can be spent to decorate a player’s home island, or occasionally a piece of a treasure set.

Legendary Treasure has more in common with Treasure Isle than Treasure Madness. It includes a colored key system, similar to TI’s colored gems. Players will need to have the right key to clear gates and progress. The Home Island concept is also lifted from TI.

One key difference is that treasures gained in Legendary Treasure are displayed on a player’s home island itself – a nice touch.

Our early impressions of Legendary Treasure are mixed. On the one hand, we prefer social game companies that march to their own beat, instead of copying proven formulas. In many cases, the public seems to agree – My Vineyard is an original concept from Metaplace and is the company’s biggest title. But on the other hand, more competition in a genre generally leads to better games, which is always a good thing for players. When companies duke it out, it is the consumer that often wins.

We’ll have more on Legendary Treasure as it continues to evolve and passes out of alpha testing.

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