Farmville Adds Limited Edition Super Bowl Items

Zynga’s weekly limited edition items are the best yet, in my opinion. This week’s set of items all follow a Super Bowl (excuse me, Farm Bowl) theme. As is quickly becoming the standard, the items are available as a mixture of gifts, free marketplace items, and paid marketplace items. Only this time Zynga actually made some pretty nice items available for coins, instead of charging for all the most coveted decorations.

A complete list of the new additions: Line Quacker I, Line Quacker II, Sheep Spectator, Cow Kicker, Football Tree, Outdoor Grill, Gnome Ref, Football Helmet 1, Football Helmet II, The Bunnyman, Indianapolis Flag, & New Orleans Flag.

The best practical addition is the Outdoor Grill, in my opinion. It fits a wide variety of farm themes besides just football. The best novelty item is the Bunnyman Heisman parody.

As with all previous weekly Farmville items, these Football-themed decorations are available for this week only – so don’t delay.

Click any image for full-size:

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