Farmville Gives Fans Super Pumpkins

The trend of fan-only rewards continued today, with the ten ton gorilla (that’s Farmville) getting into the act. Zynga awarded all Farmville fans with access to an exclusive crop: Super Pumpkins. These glowing (potentially radioactive?) pumpkins have super-charged stats: they cost only 30 coins to plant, and harvest for 100 just 4 hours later. You will also gain 1 XP for your trouble.

These pumpkins were originally supposed to be a very limited-time freebie, lasting just until the end of the day Friday. But some fans haven’t been able to access them, so Zynga has decided to extend their availability. A new end-date for the promotion has yet to be set. Better take advantage while you can! I personally will pass, however. 4-hour crops are just too hardcore for me.

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