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My Town Adds New Gifts & Items, and Revamps Timer

My Town seems to be falling into a weekly routine, with new updates rolling out on Thursdays. Last week developer Broken Bulb Studios added a handful of new decorations and buildings. This week’s additions are similar. Players that are feeling neighborly can send off new Hot Dog Stand and Lemonade Stand gifts, while players wanting to class up their town can do so with the new black marble and white marble tile decorations.

Last but certainly not least, Broken Bulb also made a very welcome change to My Town’s collections system. Players will now have 12 hours to collect from a building, once it is ready. I don’t know what the time limit was previously, but I do know that it was much stricter. I was constantly returning to my town too late to receive any coins from my buildings. This new 12 hour limit seems like a great compromise.

Images of the new My Town decorations and gifts:

Restaurant City Adds Pirate Pack

Restaurant City and Cafe World seem to have quite the rivalry brewing. One adds outer space items, the other counters with Wild West Items. And so-on. This week, Zynga’s move was the addition of a bunch of sports-themed decorations. A tough one to top. So what does Playfish do? They pull out the big guns: pirates. That’s right. This round definitely goes to Restaurant City. Better luck next week, Zynga.

I don’t have enough coins to fully convert my restaurant into a ful-fledged pirate cove, but I’ll get there soon enough. Oh yes… I’ll get there. This is the first item pack of 2010 to get me truly excited. God help me when pirate items are added to a game I actually play daily, like Farmville.

A gallery of the new decorations (click for full-size):

Treasure Madness Adds New 2010 Map

zSlide’s Treasure Madness released a small update today, adding a limited edition 2010 map, in order to (belatedly) celebrate the New Year. The map is only available until the end of the month so treasure seekers shouldn’t delay.

Additionally, the map itself has lots of water tiles, which expert treasure seekers will know take more HP to explore. And it’s over 400 tiles big. Combine these facts and you have a recipe for lots of digging over the next 10 days!

The game’s news feed states that the map brings with it a new set of 2010 items, although in my initial digging I have yet to find any – only standard items.

What’s Inside the Mafia Wars: Bangkok Crates?

Mafia Wars added a new Bangkok mystery crate late last night, announcing at the same time that the Mafia Wars: Bangkok beta would be rolled out to a small group of lucky players later this week. The crate is for sale for 12 reward points (about $3), and contains 1 of 8 limited edition Bangkok items. Players have a 60% chance of receiving a common item, 20% chance at uncommon, and a 10% chance of a rare item. So… what’s inside? Let’s take a look:

(Click for full size)

Starting at the top middle we have a Daisho Sword, a Fugama Kondoru motorcycle, a Hung Chu Enforcer, Lloyd’s Archangel, a Spitting Cobra, a Sumotori Fighter, a Titanium Keris Knife, and a set of Yin Yang pistols.

I spent 12 hard-earned Reward Points myself, but only received a common item (the knife). It still has pretty nice stats on it, though:

Café World Adds Dozens of Sports Items

Café World seems to not update as often as other Facebook games, opting to instead save up and release massive content expansions. Last week it was a very large set of alien items, and this week Zynga has expanded the game with dozens of sports-themed decorations. Always wanted to run your own sports bar? Well now you can! Virtually, at least.

The new decorations are a good mix of paid and free items, so there should be something for everyone. My favorite items are the two flat-panel TVs. What sports bar would be complete without them? They’re both paid items, unfortunately.

Check out our complete gallery of the Café World sports items below (click any image for full-size):

Petville Weekly Challenge: Orange Kibble & Gifts

A new week means two new weekly Petville Challenges. Similar to last week’s challenges,, players can only complete these challenges this week only. So stay on the ball! Luckily, these “challenges” are mostly things that any pet caretaker who is paying attention should be able to easily achieve:

The Orange Kibble might give players a little trouble if they were used to feeding their pet longer or shorter lasting food, and the gift receiving could be a problem if you’re friendless, but for the most part these should be two pretty easy challenges to complete. Completion of a challenge awards a unique badge, as well as a healthy amount of Love and Coins.

Gangster City Guide Chapter 2: Broken Hill

After Little Ireland, at level 5, players move North to Broken Hill. The player has successfully infiltrated the mob, and begins doing missions for Romano, to earn his trust. Broken Hill does not have as many landmarks or missions as Little Ireland, and players will likely move on rather quickly.


The Pantheon Club (Purchasable Property)

Level 1: $1104 income every 8 hours.
Level 2: $3072 income every 8 hours. (Requires level 16 and $31,950 investment).
Level 3: $5510 income every 8 hours. (Requires level 25 and $119,390 investment).

Romano’s Mansion (missions)

Romano is Broken Hill’s only mission-giver, unlike Little Ireland, which had several.

Romano’s Missions

No Biz Like Show Biz

Requires: 20 Energy
Requires: 1 M29
Payout: 89 Experience
Payout $240 – $288

Search and Rescue

Requires: 20 Energy
Requires: 1 M29
Payout: 109 Experience
Payout: $200 – $249

Buy Now Pay Later (Unlocked at level 18)

Requires: 24 Energy
Requires: 1 Bullet-Proof Vest & 1 SAKO75
Payout: 795 Experience
Payout: $528 – $634

Boy’s Night Out (Unlocked at level 18)

Requires: 24 Energy
Requires: 2 PPKs
Payout: 733 Experience
Payout: $576 – $691

Final Mission:
The final Broken Hill story mission, Keeping the Peace, will appear on the map when players reach level 10. Players are then free to move on to either Upper Grove or Lower East, or stick around Broken Hill, mastering the remaining missions.

Social Game Central Gangster City Guide:
Introduction & Basics (coming soon)
Chapter 1: Little Ireland
Chapter 2: Broken Hill (You are Here)
Chapter 3: Lower East
Chapter 4: Upper Grove
Chapter 5: Cold Harbor

Feed Your Neighbors’ Fish in Fishville

In addition to all the new items added to Fishville tonight, developer Zynga also introduced a new way to interact with your fellow Fishville neighbors: feeding their fish!

The entire process is pretty simple. When you visit a neighbor, you’ll still have the opportunity to do one of the usual, randomly-selected tasks, and you’ll still be able to scrub their tank. But now in the corner of the screen you should see your Friend Food:

Simply click it and then click the tank, and voila – you’ve fed your friend’s fish, possibly saving them from a slow death due to neighbor negligence.

Fishville Adds New Fish, Decorations, & Backgrounds

Zynga made a fairly significant update to Fishville today, adding (among other things) new fish, new decorations, and new tank environments. Nearly all the items cost SD$ to buy, although there is one fish, the Blackhead Filefish, available to Fishville Fanatics who have already reached level 70. The Blue Surgeon, the Lemonpeel Damsel, and the Achilles Tang all cost SD$, but as with all paid fish, they have some pretty impressive stats:

Fishville also added a couple of new premium tank environments – a Zen Garden scene, and a Beach scene. I think it’s fine that Zynga charges for these types of premium customizations, but I do wonder how they decide to price them. What makes one background worth more than another? It is strange they carry different price tags.

Rounding out tonight’s Fishville additions are a couple of new decorations – a blue crystal, and a hula girl:

Fish World Adds New Gifts; New Fish

The OG Facebook Aquarium Game Fish World released a handful of new giftable items today, including a brand new fish: the East African Cichlids. The other new gifts are decorations, and include a Sea Mine, an Oregon Tortuosa, a Chaetomorpha, and a Shinto Arch. If you’re not up on your under water biology, those two big words are basically a fancy way of saying new coral & new plants.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Fish World. The game was an early mover in the aquarium space, and I’m glad that it has held its own as the “big boys” muscled in on its territory. The game also adds new content at a break-neck pace, which is good for Facebook gamers, but also Facebook game bloggers.

A look at the new gifts: