Gangster City Guide Chapter 5: Cold Harbor

Cold Harbor initially opens up to players at level 11, but for the next nine levels, the only thing to do there is buy a single property – Cold Harbor. Players don’t unlock the mission location, The First Rule SC, until level 20. Many new missions open up in Little Ireland and Broken Hill as players level through their teens, in order to help speed them along to level 20.


Cold Harbor (Purchasable Property)

Level 1: $1814 income every 8 hours.
Level 2: $4147 income every 8 hours. (Requires level 20 and $56,400 investment)

The First Rule SC (Missions)

Unwelcome Committee (Unlocks at level 20)

Requires: 55 Energy
Requires: 1 CA870 and 1 M40A3
Payout: 2117 Experience
Payout: $1320 – $1584

Show and Tell (Unlocks at level 20)

Requires: 55 Energy
Requires: 2 M1911s
Payout: 1968 Experience
Payout: $1430 – $1716

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Chapter 1: Little Ireland
Chapter 2: Broken Hill
Chapter 3: Lower East
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Chapter 5: Cold Harbor (You Are Here)

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