PetVille Releases Pet Wings

Petville developer Zynga released a new pet accessory earlier tonight that redefines “premium” – Wings! Petville players that truly want their pet to stand out from the crowd now buy a set of animated wings.

Well, technically, players don’t buy the wings. They buy a mystery crate, which is guaranteed to contain one of the six new pairs of wings. There are actually two crates – each containing six wing designs. One contains “rugged” wings, the other “elegant” wings. Why not just sell the wings directly? For such a major purchase that is likely to be such a significant part of your pet’s “look,” it seems unfair that players can’t preview their item before they buy it.

The Wing Mystery Crate costs 25 Petville Cash, or about $2.25. Interestingly, the Petville shop states that an “interactive closet” will be included with the first set of wings you buy. If anyone out there takes the plunge and makes the purchase, leave a comment and let us know the details on this closet. Is it just a way to swap out different sets of wings, or is it something more?

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    • Moo
    • March 13th, 2010

    Humph, haven’t saved up enough. Got a Tail though! Love it!

    • La Cow
    • March 16th, 2010

    I have all the elegant accept the pink wings!!!! butterfly wings are sooo cool !!!

    • karen white
    • July 3rd, 2010

    Got pink dragonfly wings in the elegant crate, and midnight blue and black butterfly wings in the “rugged” crate. Like them both, but IMO, the blue wings look more elegant than rugged. I was hoping to get a pair of bat or dragon wings in the rugged crate…I haven’t been able to discover anything special about the closet other than it stores the wings, for switching, but not to unlock other wings…

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