Restaurant City Running Garden Sale

Restaurant City developer Playfish is running a sale on garden expansions! But act fast, because the sale ends March 1st, at the end of the weekend.

Unlike most specials, the savings here are actually pretty significant – 50% off. The first outdoor garden expansion can now be purchased for 2500 coins instead of the standard 5000. I’m not a high enough level to see the price of any of the rest of the expansions, however. If you’re a high-level Restaurant City player and can fill in the blanks, let us know in the comments!

Gardens are a great way to add more variation and space for your restaurant – all players should want to buy the expansions eventually. If you have the money, might as well take advantage now, so you can save yourself some coins!

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  1. I have taken advantage of this wonderful deal! I have upgraded my garden twice and now i unlock the next at level 40. i am on level 34 and i really hope i can get to that level in time. It was 140000 for the garden upgrate!! but 1/2 off it was 70000.

    • admin
    • February 27th, 2010

    Thanks for the info :) This is def. a great deal for restaurant owners.

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