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Mafia Wars Bangkok Weapons Guide

Mafia Wars: Bangkok is here! And with it came a new batch of items to purchase. We have the low-down on all the new weaponry available. Note that since Bangkok uses a new level-scaling system, you might see stats different than these. These stats are only for players level 200 and higher:

Chinese Army Knife 9 Attack 15 Defense

Chinese Army Pistol 14 Attack 10 Defense

Thai Sword 15 Attack 11 Defense

Bullhook 12 Attack 16 Defense

Bo Staff 10 Attack 18 Defense

Chinese Army Assault Rifle 17 Attack 12 Defense

Yakuza Only
Raion Assault Rifle 41 Attack 20 Defense
B$127,000 Faction Standing Needed: Neutral

Yakuza Assassin 50 Attack 26 Defense
B$480,000 Faction Standing Needed: Allied

Fugama Hasu 46 Attack 23 Defense
B$240,200 Faction Standing Needed: Honored

Triad Only
Cheng-Wei X94 Machine Gun 25 Attack 45 Defense
B$280,000 Faction Standing Needed: Neutral

Shaolin Bodyguard 27 Attack 51 Defense
B$470,000 Faction Standing Needed: Allied

PLA Armored Car 21 Attack 40 Defense
B$126,000 Faction Standing Needed: Honored

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Exclusive: Mafia Wars: Bangkok has Four Mission Mastery Levels?

Although I did (finally!) get my Mafia Wars: Bangkok access, I’m still too early to confirm this. But, based on a Facebook ad Mafia Wars developer Zynga has been running, it looks like Bangkok has four mission mastery levels, instead of three:

Up until now Mafia Wars missions have only had Bronze, Silver, and Gold mastery. Is Bangkok adding Platinum? Or is this simply an error? Very interesting! I wonder if Zynga would ever go back and add Platinum mastery to New York, Cuba, and Moscow to keep players busy…

Did you Complete Treasure Madness’ Sinking World?

[UPDATE] A lot of you are seeing Social Game Central for the first time thanks to this Treasure Madness story. Welcome! We update daily on TM and all the other hot Facebook games. Please feel free to become a Facebook fan, or subscribe to our Twitter or RSS feeds. See you around!

At the end of January Treasure Madness’ developer zSlide did something that I’m sure they thought was nice, but actually drove Treasure Madness fans a little, well… mad. They introduced a huge, very limited-time map to the shop. The map, Sinking World, was part of the Golden series, meaning there were no treasures to dig up, but lots and lots of gold.

Other Golden Series maps are available to purchase with MU$, but zSlide made this one free. I think they probably thought it was an act of charity – a HUGE (969 tiles) Golden Series map, that was free of charge. But what they didn’t realize is that many Treasure Madness fans, myself included, can’t stand the idea of any map remaining incomplete. We only had a couple short days to dig 969 tiles!

In the end, I ate my ENTIRE fruit stockpile (50+ coconuts, 15 watermelons, over 60 mangos, etc), and spent the 81 MU$ I’d been saving for the shovel upgrade… and I was still a little bit short:

46 tiles might not seem like many, but… I was out of time. Only 1 hour left before Sinking World expired completely. So I had to bite the bullet and actually spend $10 to purchase some MU$. At that point… I was committed. If I DIDN’T spend the money, then all my fruit and MU$ would have been spent for nothing. But, this story has a happy ending at least:

Limited-time maps stress me out! But so far I’ve done them all. How about you?