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Mafia Wars Introduces Class Changes

The Mafia Wars enhancements just keep coming. First a new properties interface, next a new My Mafia interface, and now a new classes interface. To be fair this change isn’t as major as the other two, but my belief is that it might be laying the foundation for something bigger down the line.

Changing your character class costs 15 Reward Points, and can be done from the Godfather screen. From there, the process is straightforward. You will see what class you are currently, and will then be able to pick which of the other two you want to switch to. One nice touch is the new artwork representing each class (in both male and female flavors). I especially like that the male maniac model is essentially Tyler Durden, complete with red leather jacket. Both the Mogul and Fearless artwork is also class-appropriate.

Could this be setting the stage for a more advanced character class tree, similar to what is featured in Playdom’s Mobsters 2? I hope so!

Fishville Adds Giftable Superfood

Fishville developer Zynga gave players yet another way to be generous with one another earlier today, with the addition of two new “superfoods” to the Fishville gift page. Players can now gift each other Caffeine Food and SuperGrow Food.

The caffeine food “amps up” your fish and allows them to last longer in between feedings. The SuperGrow Food accelerates a fish’s aging and pushes them onward toward full maturity. To start Fishville players off right, everyone has been given 4 samples of Caffeine superfood, and 6 samples of SuperGrow. Or at least, I was given the samples.

side note: pay no attention to my filthy tank in the final screenshot below. My poor Fishville fish have been very neglected, lately.

Fish World Adds New Tunes & Super-Gro

Fish World developer TallTreeGames introduced a couple of unrelated enhancements to their Facebook aquarium title, earlier today.

First off, a few new background music tracks are available in the shop. I snapped what might be the most boring couple screenshots in Social Game Central history to show readers the various music options, but in truth the new music is actually a pretty cool update. I wish more games let you customize your background tunes to suit your taste.

The second addition is a new Super-Gro food option. The food instantly grows a fish to adult size, but not without a cost. Each dose of Super-Gro costs 1 Fishbuck. TallTreeGames has given everyone two free doses to kick things off, however. So spend them wisely!

Tiki Resort Adds New Charms

Tiki Resort, the new island-building title from Playdom, released new Charms earlier today. Different charms have different effects, but they’re all pretty good deals. For a few coins (or for free if a friend sends you one as a gift) you can get a bonus that Playdom could easily have charged money for.

The happiness charm makes everyone on your island happy, meaning you won’t need to bribe any unhappy vacationers with treats. The upgrade charm instantly upgrades one attraction (level 1 – 10 only), allowing you to skip the construction phase. The Big Money charm causes tourists to pay + 2 coins for each visit to the charmed attraction.

Happy Pets Adds Tiger-Print Items

Not wanting to be left out of all the Year of the Tiger fun, Happy Pets developer Crowdstar added a handful of Lunar New Year items to their hit pet game, earlier today.

The company decided to take “Year of the Tiger” quite literally, by releasing a set if tiger-print items. Although to be fair not as literally as those games that added real, actual tigers (I’m looking at you, Farmville). The new tiger-print additions include dog and cat bowls, beds, litter boxes, walls, and floors.

A word of decorating advice – a little animal print is a good thing. It adds some spice and personality to a room. But for the love of God don’t overdo it. Less is more!

Petville Adds Wonderville Premium Item Set

Wow! Petville developer Zynga hinted a few days ago that a fantasy-themed “Pets in Wonderville” update would be coming soon, but I was not expecting an update this cool or this extensive. The very clearly “Alice in Wonderland” inspired set contains by my count over 40 brand-new items, many of which are bigger and more detailed than anything added to the game yet.

As this is a premium item set, many of the items are for sale for PV$, but there are still several interesting items for sale for coins. Coin items inclue a Blue Hookah, a “Drink Me” Potion, A Mad Hatter Outfit, a Friendly Cloud wall decoration, a Cheshire Cat outfit, a Swirl-Winged armchair, Wonderland Sky and Wonderland Floor, a Wandering Topiary, and more.

Paid Pet Cash items include Laughing Larkspurs, Queen of Hearts Crown and Outfit, a Grand Spotted Fruit Cake, a Magical Castle, a Pink Peeper Tree, ‘Janice and Jimi’ Mushrooms, and Mr. Ervin Magic Mushroom.

I’ve come down on Zynga before, and on Petville specifically, for getting greedy with its pricing and for the mix of items in its updates in general. But this is a really, really cool set of items, and a great mix of paid and coin decorations. Yes all the coolest decorations cost cash, but when the paid items are things like gigantic spawling trees, mushrooms, and magical castles, it’s pretty hard to argue.

We’ve snapped pics of all the new Pets in Wonderville items below. Click on any image for a full-size look.

Farmville Adds More Lunar New Year Items

Better late than never, right? Farmville developer Zynga released a couple more Lunar New Year items in this afternoon’s update. The actual Lunar New Year was ten days ago, and Farmville has been adding Year of the Tiger items off and on for a couple weeks now.

Today’s update added a Tiger Lantern and a Red Lantern. Both items are for sale for coins (the Red Lantern is only 700 coins in fact), and both are only available for four more days.

This is most likely the last we’ll see of the Chinese New Year in Farmville, so if you want some Eastern-themed items, better act now! You might not get another chance for a while.

What’s Inside Farmville’s Green & Blue Mystery Box?

Another week means another new mystery box for Zynga’s hit Facebook farming title Farmville. Sometimes the mystery boxes contain all-new, never-before-seen items. Sometimes they contain items for sale on the Farmville marketplace. And sometimes they contain a remix of items from previous mystery boxes. So what is it this week?

…all-new items!

The new items found inside the 2.24.2010 mystery box include:

- Deluxe Storage Shed
- Hummingbirds
- Swing with Sheep
- Mini Greenhouse
- Storage Cubby
- Cabana

The mystery box is for sale now for 16 FV$, and is only available for the next 6 days.

There might be more – if you received something other than the above, leave a comment and let us know! We’ll add it to the post. If you have a picture of any of these items, please leave that in the comments as well. Or email it to socialgamecentral -at- We’ll give you credit and add it to this post ASAP.

UPDATE: Thank you to SGC reader Megan K. for the picture of the storage cubby! And Kate for the Cabana pic!

Farmville Releases California Themed Items

Farmville developer Zynga released a handful of California-themed items to the Farmville marketplace in an update earlier today. Players can easily spot the items thanks to the sunglasses-wearing sun icon they sport.

No new decorations were added – just animals and seeds. Perhaps we’ll see more California items added in the coming days?

The new additions are White Grapes, Golden Poppies, a Bear Cub, and a Valley Quail. The Bear Cub is 22 FV$, while the Quail is 16 FV$. Both the new crops are for sale for coins.

The White Grapes sell for 170 coins, earning 3 XP. They are harvestable in 1 day. The Poppies are mature after 8 hours, earn 200 coins, and earn 2 XP.

Mafia Wars Introduces New ‘My Mafia’ Features

It started with the New York properties page. It looks like rather than make Mafia Wars 2 and risk splitting their player base, Zynga is going to upgrade their existing title one section at a time. Eventually, will the entire game be flash-based and have a more refined user interface, to compete with games like Gangster City and Mobsters 2? My guess is yes, absolutely.

Anyway, about the new My Mafia interface. It’s easy to not even notice it’s there… I didn’t. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the Mafia Wars front page. The entire thing is flash-based, meaning it animates nicely and includes lots of little moving elements that are tough to communicate in screenshots.

New features include the ability to sort your mafia by a variety of criteria. This is much more handy than it might seem to be, at first. You can sort your mafia according to who needs help on missions. So with one click, the new My Mafia bar surfaces all your friends looking for help. With a few more clicks, you can help them all. Slick. You can do the same for friends that need energy packs.

You can also search for someone specific by name, or view low-level or new players, if you want to send them some goodies to give them a leg-up.

All-in-all, a great upgrade. I never used to pay much attention to sending gifts or helping friends with missions, because it was simply too time consuming to sort through everything. This new My Mafia interface makes the process a snap. Hopefully this is a sign of more Mafia Wars improvements to come.