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Restaurant City Gives Away White Tiger Cub

Restaurant City developer Playfish gives away freebies on its fan page on a regular basis – almost daily. But usually it’s just something like a free ingredient, or a handful of coins. But not today! Today, all Restaurant City fans are receiving a free White Tiger Cub. To get yours, just click this link.

I must say, the tiger cub looks pretty good in my restaurant next to the free dragon Playfish gave players last week. The white tiger cub is actually a preview of Restaurant City’s next item pack – Vegas! Lots more Las Vegas items are going to be added to the shop later today (in 6 hours to be precise).

The cub retails for 1200 coins, so all-in-all, it’s a nice freebie.

Fishville Adds New Rabbitfish Gift

Previously, the only way to get to get Fishville’s high-growth-time, high-stats fish in your aquarium was to buy them with SD$. But lately Zynga has gotten into the habit of making desirable fish available as limited-time gifts. Earlier this morning the Rabbitfish was made a Fishville giftable, becoming the latest example of this trend

The Rabbitfish has a 36 hour growth timer, making it mostly hassle-free. He’s only available to gift for the next 6 days though, so send a few to your friends today. Maybe they will return the favor?

Petville Weekly Challenges: Socks & Reward Gems

I’ve claimed in the past that Petville developer Zynga follows a bit of a pattern with their Petville weekly challenges, but in truth, the challenges seem to follow this pattern as often as they don’t. So I’ll probably refrain from speculating, in the future.

This week’s challenges don’t require any active Petville playing neighbors, which is always nice. Sock Monkey requires players to pick up 25 socks cleaning houses. Kibble Lover requires players to collect 10 reward gems after your pet finishes eating peppermint kibble. Peppermint is just a 5-minute kibble, so it should be pretty easy, assuming you don’t forget and leave your pet hanging.

Fishville Adds Huge Space Item Set

Fishville developer Zynga went space-crazy earlier tonight, with an extensive selection of space travel items and decorations. Items and other decorations are added to Fishville all the time, but to the best of my knowledge this is the first actual themed item set to come to the hit aquarium game. Hopefully more are on the way – it’s more fun than reading about a couple new plants being added here and there.

New additions to the Fishville shop include a buildable “Fishlab” space station, Aquanaut, Clown Lunar Module, Fish Space Capsule, Fishville Flag, FVBlenny-47, Trigger Satellite 115, and a moon background with accompanying moon gravel.

A few space-themed items were also added to the Fishville gift page. 1 piece of the 10-piece Fishlab decoration, a planet (I have Earth available to gift – I am assuming what planet you have to send is randomized), and the Sun.

Petville Releases Limited-Edition Farmville Items

In an effective bit of cross-promotion, Zynga is introducing a limited-edition set of Farmville items within another of their hit games – Petville. Similar to the Pawz Rock Band, each item will only be available as a gift, and will only be around for one day only. After the day is up, a new Farmville gift will take its place.

The promotion is lasting 10 days, meaning there will be 10 Farmville items to collect in all. Today’s addition is a Farmville Farmer. Zynga promises that by the time all the items are released, Petville players will be able to “build a mini-farm within your pet’s house.”

Based on the promotional image that accompanied the announcement, it looks like players can expect a barn, a horse, and a silo to be among the rest of the upcoming Farmville gifts. As for the others… we’ll just have to wait and see!

Stick with Social Game Central for the scoop on each of Petville’s limited-edition Farmville gifts, as soon as they are released.

Choose the Next Mobsters 2 Vehicle

Mobsters 2 developer Playdom is prepping the launch of their next city (after the most recent Moscow expansion), and wants your help! Playdom is letting the public decide which high-end vehicle should be added. The five choices:

- Knight XV
- Spyker
- Audi R8
- Suped-up Yugo
- Suped-up Mini Cooper

Players can vote here. If you’re not a motor-head and don’t know what these vehicles look like, pictures of all five are available here, on Playdom’s official forums.

As of this moment, over 1500 votes have been cast, with the Knight XV holding a commanding lead. I’m surprised – I was positive the Spyker would be the frontrunner. The contest will be open for 1 full week, so there is still time for a comeback…

Cafe World Adds Cafe Cash Activity

I wrote a post a while back about Cafe World developer Zynga cleaning up its act in regards to the special “offers” the company was allowing to be tacked onto their games. All the scammy and spammy offers have been pulled, and have been replaced with more legitimate alternatives. That post was about Petville, but these changes are making their way to Cafe World, as well.

In fact, the exact same VISA promotion that was offered to Petville players is now being offered within Cafe World. All players have to do is watch a short promotional VISA video, and write a sentence about who in their life inspires them. Once the process is complete, players are awarded 2 Cafe Cash. No tricks.

The only catch, if you can call it that, is if you’ve already completed this offer within Petville, you won’t have the opportunity to do it in Cafe World. It’s a little bit of a bum deal for Petville players, because they were only awarded 300 coins – Cafe World players are being awarded the cash currency – Cafe Cash.

To particpate in the activity, click here (US residents only).

My Town Makes Additions

First off, I’d just like to take a moment to say… I called it. My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios will now be updating their hit town sim twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just as yours truly predicted. But I don’t want to gloat (too much), so… moving on…

Three new items were added to My Town, earlier today: a Chinese Restaurant, a Large Spanish Home, and several tiles that can be used to form a Stream. All in all, a balanced update. The stream is especially cool – you can configure its twists and turns however you like – the same way roads are constructed.

Broke Bulb, one request, if you’re reading – please add a “new” designation to store items, when you add them! It can be tough to keep track.

UPDATE: This post originally stated that the Modern Mansion was just added, which it was actually the Large Spanish Home. Thanks to Rebecca and Caitlin for pointing out the error.

Happy Island Allows Island Swaps

A small but potentially very important improvement was made to Crowdstar’s Happy Island, earlier today. Previously, when selecting what type of island you wanted, that decision was permanent. But no longer! Now players can click the handy “swap” button to change out their island for a new design at any time.

My suspicion is that Crowdstar introduced this change to give players a lot more chances to buy one of their premium island designs – the crown jewel (and most expensive!) virtual items in all of Happy Island. Shangri-la and Treasure cove each cost over $15. There are island options for sale for coins as well.

This is also a really good hint that more island designs will be coming soon. If Crowdstar keeps giving us more choices for our island, it wouldn’t do if we had no way to buy them!

Happy Pets Adds Yard Backgrounds

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar added yards to their hit pet game a while back, and there was much rejoicing. But if there is one thing Facebook game players love more than more space, it is more customization options. Today, players got their wish, via the addition of six new exotic yard backgrounds.

The new backgrounds are Antarctic, Giant Sequoias, Autumn Leaves, Egyptian Mirage, Pastoral Farm, and Green Pasture. They are available in the shop under furnishings —> backgrounds, and range in price from free 22 FB$ to 42 FB$ ($2.20 – $4.20).