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Pet Society Releases Wild West Theme

Pet Society from Playfish added an extensive set of Wild West updates to their already eclectic shops, earlier today. This is hot on the heels of the Wild West theme added to another Playfish title, oddly enough – Restaurant City.

The update is extensive, with additions to the clothing, Garden, D.I.Y, Furniture, and Premium shops. Additions include (but are not limited to) cowboy and cowgirl outfits, a Saloon door, wooden walls and floors, a lasso rope, a cactus, and a coyote petling. The crown jewel of this Wild West theme, in my opinion, is the gigantic red stagecoach. It’s for sale for an impressive 5,000 coins in the specialty shop.

Best of all? All or nearly all the items are available to purchase with coins. Thanks, Playfish!

Petville Unveils Happy Neighborhood Bonus

Petville developer Zynga announce details of a new feature coming soon to the hit pet-raising game, over the weekend: the Happy Neighborhood Bonus. Some random players have already been chosen to test the feature, in fact. Zynga (very uncharacteristically) released a lengthy note explaining this change works, so rather than repeat it all, we have reproduced the note below. Bottom line? More ways to earn coins is a good thing, in our book.

A new feature is coming to PetVille! Now when you take care of your friend’s pets, you’ll receive a new bonus called the Happy Neighborhood bonus! Read on to learn more about this new feature and find out some tips to help you maximize your coin earnings!

Some players are already experiencing this new feature while we continue to make changes to it. We want all players to have the best experience possible with this new feature so we will be adding more and more players to it until everyone has it. This will be happening very soon!

When you care for your neighbors, you will make them happy which is indicated by a new icon at the bottom of your screen. This icon will be red, yellow, or green. The more green neighbors you have, the bigger the bonus will be! You can receive your Happy Neighborhood bonus once per day. This bonus is on top of the All Clean bonuses that you already earn!

You can also now quickly see which of your friends has a house that needs cleaning. Move your mouse over your neighbor’s pictures at the bottom of the screen to see if they need to be soaped or if they have trash in their house.

Since there is a new Happy Neighborhood bonus every day, some of the ways that you have been making money have now changed. The “All Clean” bonus for picking up all of the trash in a neighbor’s house is now based on how much work you have to do to clean up in that house. This means that larger houses with lots of trash will give out higher bonuses.

*Tip* If you have a lot of neighbors, visit the largest and dirtiest houses first to earn the largest “All Clean” bonuses first.

There is now less trash overall so players can receive All Clean bonuses and get their neighbors happy much quicker than before. More trash will appear throughout the day for those that wish to come back to the game more often and clean up their friend’s houses again. Some of your neighbors will be messier than others! One day you may need to only clean a few rooms of your neighbor’s house and on the next day you may need to clean all of their rooms. This will change from day to day.

Some players may notice that how much coin they are earning has changed. You may need to alter your strategy with these new changes in order to maximize the amount of bonuses that you receive every day.

For those of you who are already experiencing this new feature, visit the official forums by clicking here to give us your feedback or ask questions about how to optimize your earnings. If you aren’t seeing this new feature yet, we hope to have it added to your PetVille game very soon!

Happy Aquarium Adds Baby Platypus Lost Animal

The “lost animals” that have swept through Facebook games just keep getting more and more cute (and helpless), don’t they? I think Facebook game developers have figured out that if players feel bad for the little things when they show up in their game, they will be more likely to create a news feed item to try and find the virtual pet a home.

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar announced today that a Baby Platypus can now be found and put up for adoption. How can you say no to those big eyes? And he was lost playing hide and seek, no less. Like other lost animals, the Platypus shows up randomly, and you can’t adopt him for yourself. Your only option is to create a feed item, which gives your friends the opportunity to adopt.

Happy Pets Adds Tiger-Themed Cats and Dogs

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar added a belated Chinese New Year update to their hit Facebook pet game over the weekend, with the addition of a Lunar New Year Cat and a Lunar New Year Dog.

Both pets are orange with black accents, which I think is meant to evoke Tiger imagery (it is the Year of the Tiger, after all). But if that were the case, why not just add a pet tiger? In any case, both the dog and the cat are for sale for 18 FB$, or $1.80. Both items are only available for a limited time, but like the new plate collection, no specific expiration date was given.

Happy Pets Adds Limited-Edition Plates

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar jumped on the “limited time only” bandwagon in an update earlier today, but did so in a little bit of a strange way. This is nothing new – by now I have figured out that Crowdstar marches to the beat of their own drum, most of the time.

A new, gifta-only set of items were added to the game, available for a limited-time. And what are they? …Plates. Yes, plates. Like the kind you eat off of. Or you decorate your wall with, apparently. The set of six feature three dog pictures and three cat pictures. Crowdstar did emphasize that this item set wouldn’t be around forever, but didn’t specify how long Happy Pets players have to collect them all. Suspenseful!

Country Life Adds Yard Expansions

Surprise Facebook farming hit Country Life added a unique spin on expanding your available land, over the weekend. The game already had the standard expansions we are all used to – all the way up to a 29 x 29 farm, if you had enough neighbors. So, instead of allowing players to continue growing their farm to 32 x 32 and beyond, instead the development team introduced… YARDS!

Players can put decorations, animals, and machinery in their yard. Basically everything but farm plots. If they allowed those, then it would basically be another farm expansion, wouldn’t it? It might seem a little strange that players can add a yard to their farmland before an actual house, but on the Country Life fan page it was revealed that homes will be coming soon, as well.

Café World Spice Rack Arrives

Cafe World developer first hinted at it, and then officially teased it, and over the weekend, it arrived: The Spice Rack!

Getting one works in a very similar manner to getting a horse stable in Zynga’s Farmville (or the Chop Shop in Zynga’s Mafia Wars, come to think of it). It isn’t hard to do, but you will need lots of help from your friends.

When you begin construction on your Spice Rack, you’ll see a list of items you still need. In total, construction requires 5 shelves, 5 small, medium, and large jars, and 15 lids. To get these items, you can post a Facebook news feed update. Any friend that clicks on it will send you one of your needed items.

The Spice Rack parts can also be sent and received as standard Cafe World gifts. But, every player only has two of the ingredients available to send (chosen at random), so you may need to ask around to find someone that can send you the specific part you need.

So… after it is finished, what does the Spice Rack do? It allows players to add a variety of “spices” to their food that gives the dishes special properties, such as shortening cook times, reversing spoilage, producing more servings, and other special effects. In addition to spicing up one’s own food, players will be able to visit their neighbors and add a little spice to their dishes, as well.

Happy Pets Adds Mystery Boxes

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar is the latest Facebook game developer to hop on the “mystery box” bandwagon. But the Happy Pets mystery boxes, added earlier today, put a unique twist on the formula. The more your friends help you out, the better item you will receive!

It works like this: First, buy one of the mystery boxes for yourself – they’re found under the ‘Goods’ tab of the shop. The blue is available for 50 coins, and the purple is available for 12 FB$ ($1.20). Once you’ve placed the mystery box in your pet house, you have to wait 24 hours before you can open it and see what’s inside.

So where do your friends come into the picture? When first placing the box you’ll have the opportunity to post a news feed item. The more friends that visit your house and click on your box, the more “luck” it accumulates. More luck = a higher chance of receiving a rare gift.

Once you open your Happy Pets mystery box, leave us a comment below letting us know what was inside!

Petville Adds Extensive Exercise & Zen Garden Sets

Man… when Petville developer Zynga adds items, they really go all-out. At least lately. Wednesday it was the addition of a gigantic set of office items. Yesterday, Zynga continued this trend by adding an extensive set of exercise items and zen garden items.

Exercise machines now availavle for purchase include a stationary bike, stair machine, treadmill, weight machine, yoga mat, and more. Don’t worry about the pink color in all the screenshots – all the pieces of equipment are sold in a variety of colors.

The zen garden additions include a bamboo plant, a steam room, a bamboo mat, a sand pit + rake, a teapot, and several other additions.

Virtually every piece of exercise equipment is for sale for Coins, which is nice. The Zen Garden items are a more even mix of coins, and PV$.

Farmville Adds Two New Gifts

Farmville developer Zynga seems to have a habit of rolling out big, important updates to their Facebook farming hit at the same time as a smaller, more inconsequential additions. Yesterday’s Farmville update was no exception. At the same time that everyone was discussing upgraded chicken coops and loads of new items, everyone nearly missed the addition of a couple of new gifts.

Players can now gift their friends a Picket Fence and a Gulmohar Tree. Both items are ONLY available by gifting (for now), so if you really want one or the other, better start pestering your friends now.

In regards to the Gulmohar Tree, it really seems like Zynga is scraping the bottom of the barrel. It actually does look pretty cool, but be honest – had you heard of it, before now? Players wanting to learn more about the Gulmohar (also known as the Flame Tree) can do so via this Wikipedia link.