Cafe World Spices Released

Cafe World developer Zynga has finally released the long-awaited dish spices feature! Remember that Social Game Central was the first site to mention the possibility of a Spice Rack feature, way back on February 4th. Our complete guide to the new feature:

First, build your Spice Rack
When you begin construction on your Spice Rack, you’ll see a list of items you still need. In total, construction requires 5 shelves, 5 small, medium, and large jars, and 15 lids. To get these items, you can post a Facebook news feed update. Any friend that clicks on it will send you one of your needed items.

The Spice Rack parts can also be sent and received as standard Cafe World gifts. But, every player only has two of the ingredients available to send (chosen at random), so you may need to ask around to find someone that can send you the specific part you need.

Next… start seasoning!
More spices are likely to be added over time, but these are the ones currently in the game:

- Mystery Spice
- One hour Thyme: speed cooking time by 1 hour (Cafe Cash)
- Super Salt: Adds 5% more servings. (Coins)
- Six hour Thyme: Speeds cook time 6 hours. (Cafe Cash)
- Power Pepper: Adds 10% more servings. (Coins)
- Instant Thyme: Makes a dish instantly ready. (Cafe Cash)
- Salvage Sage: Removes spoil from a dish. (Cafe Cash)

- The Mystery Spice can have all kinds of wild or not-so-wild effects. It might speed up your cooking time by just one minute, OR it might award you 5 Cafe Cash!

- Since the Power Pepper costs 600 coins and adds 10% more servings, you will LOSE money if you use it on anything that normally sells for less than 6000 coins total! For anything that sells above 6000, Power Pepper is free extra money, however :)

- Multiple spices can be used on one dish, or you can use the same spice on a dish over and over for stacking results. This means that you can use Power Pepper 10 times, and receive 100% the number of servings.

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  1. I play cafe world and I learned a lot of things like the ingredients of some foods in cafe world. I also learn how to value time in cooking.

    Cafe world is a good game for kids and adult, it is a perfect recreational game.

    • Tan Ngok T ing
    • May 24th, 2010

    I would like ash why my cafe world missing on 22-05-2010, how i can find back my cafe world, please help me, thank you

    • Tan Ngok T ing
    • May 24th, 2010

    Please help me find back my CAFE WORLD in facebook,my cafe world missing

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