Mafia Wars Crew Collections Guide

Mafia Wars developer Zynga released a new type of collection item, over the weekend: Crew Collections! These collections require your mafia’s help to complete, but completing them earns special rewards. We have the full scoop.

First off, there are three new collections in total: Prototype Carjacking, Theft of a Drone, and Weapons Shipment Hijacking. Their rewards? Koenigsberg S10 Vehicle, Military Spy Drone, and Fox Hunter Rocket Launcher, respectively. These collections can’t be re-vaulted – it is one and done. Their full requirements:

Prototype Carjacking Contents
GPS Signal Scrambler, Tank of Gasoline, Ignition Device, Microchip Fitted Key, Map of the Garage, Counterfeit ID Badges, and Security Hacker

Theft of a Drone Contents
Classified Report, Hijacked Transmitter, Access Codes, Guards Schedule, Calibration Manual, Guidance Module, and UltraLite Fuel Cell

Weapons Shipment Hijacking Contents
Shipment Info, Schedule of Truck Route, Road Block, Container Key, Rocket Ammo, Tracking Laser Sight, and Carrying Case.

Some items in each collection will be found randomly when completing a job, similar or Chop Shop parts or standard Mafia Wars collections. Other items can only be found if you ask your Mafia for help. When you ask for help a Facebook news feed item is created. The first five Mafia Wars players that clicks on the feed post will be able to help you out.

Just clicking on the feed post isn’t enough. Once a Mafia member decides to help you out, they must have the item drop from a random job. When it does, both you and your helper gain the item.

There are some restrictions – you can only create one news feed post every 48 hours, and you can only help one friend at a time, and five friends in a 24 hour period.

It’s all a little confusing, isn’t it? Bottom line: If you or a friend opts to help with these Crew Collections by clicking on a news feed post, you then have to complete missions until the item drops. Once it does, you both get to keep it!

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