Petville Yards Released! – The Complete Construction Guide

Petville developer Zynga finally released the long-teased yards today, but with a twist! Players can’t just purchase one, like the other Petville house expansions. Instead, the yard has to be built. How? Zynga has broken down all the details, and we’ve reproduced their full note (with images!) below.

The short version? Constructing a yard is very similar to constructing a Horse Stable in Farmville or a Chop Shop in Mafia Wars. Players will need to gather materials from their Petville friends, or buy the materials they need. Once they have the 50 required items, voila – your pets now have a yard! Zynga’s guide:

Yards are here! Start building your very own yard today! Send free gifts to your friends to help them build their own yards! The new yard store is open and ready for business to help you decorate your new yard!

How to Build a Yard:
* There are 5 different kinds of materials you will need.
* Collect 10 of each yard building materials for a total of 50 items.
* Each of your friends can send you different kinds of materials.
* You can also purchase extra yard materials from the yard window.

Let’s get started:
You’ll see a new yard icon on the right side of your house. Click on the yard icon to go outside! It looks like this:

There will be a progress sign in your yard while it is under construction.

Using Materials:
Everyone starts off with one wheelbarrow of dirt to get them started. In your yard, there is a wooden sign with a green button on it. Click this button to use the materials you have collected. You can click on this button any time you have new materials to use.

Once you have used up all of your supplies, click on the green “Get Supplies” button in your yard to bring up the materials window. In this window, you can see how many materials you need, buy more materials, or ask your friends to send you materials.

Send your friends yard materials and ask them to send materials back to you!

Sending Materials:
Each pet can gift 2 of the 5 types of materials that you will need. The materials that you can gift are determined randomly so you will need the help of a few different friends to collect all of the different kinds of materials.

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