Island Paradise Adds Easter Items & Animal Levels

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games seems to have a habit of releasing major game updates very casually, and today was no exception. The company released a handful of Easter items, devoting the majority of their announcement to them. Almost as an aside, Meteor Games also revealed that players can now brush and interact with their pets, earning rewards along the way.

But first, the Easter items. Two decorations, Easter Bunny Toy and Net of Baby Chicks, are available now in the Island Paradise store. But the true star of this update was the full Easter Bunny costume players can purchase for their in-game avatar, complete with rabbit nose. We can’t decide if it is cute or just creepy.

So, back to the animals – as players brush their animals and show them love, they will now level-up. Meteor Games didn’t give specifics, but did state that various rewards can be earned for players that have high-level animals. A new Makeshift Barn was released to store animals, as well.

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  1. May 4th, 2010