Petville Giving Away 10,000 Pet Cash

Petville developer Zynga announced on the game’s fan page yesterday that they are giving away 10,000 Pet Cash – an extremely extravagant prize, to say the least. To enter yourself for the giveaway, simple click this link before midnight, tonight (March 31). As an added bonus, all users that click the link above to enter will also receive 2 Pet Cash.

We’re a little suspicious of this giveaway for two reasons:

1) The winners will supposedly be announced tomorrow, which is April 1st – April Fools Day.

2) 10,000 Pet Cash is a tremendously huge amount to be given away in one lump sum. Our guess is the total cost of every single premium Petville item probably doesn’t even add up to 10,000. It would cost over $700 to buy 10,000 Pet Cash.

On the other hand, it is unlikely that Zynga would anger their fans by claiming to be running such a big promotion and then not actually follow through. Either way, players earn 2 free Pet Cash simply by entering – so it doesn’t hurt to try.

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