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Happy Island Adds Archipelago View

Happy Island developer Crowdstar introduced a new Archipelago View in their hit island paradise simulator, earlier today. By clicking a button in the top-right of the game screen, the camera zooms out from your current island, showing you all the islands you currently own, and where they are in relation to one another. You can then click on any of your islands to travel to it.

This is a cool update just for the “wow” factor. It does a great job of making all your islands feel connected to one another, and ties players’ multiple islands together into one play space. But Crowdstar is also promising that the archipelago view will be for more than just show. The company is promising that players can look forward to “NEW gameplay between you and your friend’s islands.”

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Happy Island Increases Coin Payouts

Happy Island developer Crowdstar made a significant change to the way players earn coins from their attractions, earlier today. Previously, all attractions held the same maximum number of coins, based on what level the attraction was. 500 coins for level one, 1000 coins for level two, and 1500 coins for level three. But now, different attractions earn and store different amounts of income, based on how expensive the attraction is to purchase

Why is this change a big deal? Most level three attractions in the game now produce more coins. A fully-upgraded Hanging Gardens attraction (The Garden of Semiramis) now stores an impressive 6300 coins, for example.

This is also an interesting change because varying income for each attraction is a feature present in Happy Island competitor Tiki Resort. Could competition between the two titles be good for us, the gamers?

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Mafia Wars Kicks Off Fan Party!

To celebrate surpassing 10 million Facebook fans (the total is actually over 11 million), Mafia Wars developer Zynga is running a special, two-day-only event. The “Mafia Wars 10 Million Fans Party” as Zynga creatively named it is a special opportunity to gain bonus mission mastery, EXP, and more.

The event only runs today and tomorrow (March 30th and March 31st), ending at Midnight PST. But the rewards are significant for those that can take advantage of this short window of time. For players that prefer to play solo, missions in all cities are now providing DOUBLE Mastery! This means missions can be mastered with half the energy. For players that prefer Player Vs. Player combat, all fights are are paying out 25% more EXP, as well.

To cap things off, all players that log into Mafia Wars during this event earn a special weapon, that can’t be obtained by other means: The Heavy Hand. It’s basically a huge shotgun. Not very subtle, but definitely effective.

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My Town March 29 Update

My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios continued its bi-weekly item updates earlier today, releasing five new items in total. The five items are: Oak Tree, Doctor’s Office, Dentist’s Office, News Building, and Tuscan Villa.

The villa is probably the highlight of the bunch, and is for sale for 7 Town Cash. The Oak Tree and both offices are for sale for coins. We weren’t a high enough level to have access to the News Building.

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My Town Introduces Storage System

My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios added another small but important functionality update, today: item storage. While it isn’t exactly a sexy addition, it is an important one. Previously, if there was an item you didn’t have room for or didn’t want at that particular time, your only option was to sell it. Not an ideal solution, especially if the item was purchased with Town Cash.

The storage system isn’t especially fancy, but it gets the job done. When users click on a building or item, a new “Put in Storage” menu option is available. Selecting it removes the item from your town and puts it in your “Gifts” tab. Why gifts? We aren’t sure, but our guess is storing items there was easier for Broken Bulb than building a brand new storage interface.

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Happy Aquarium Adds Egg Hunt Collection

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has added a second item collection: Egg Hunt! This Easter-inspired collection unlocks at level 13, and encourages players to find a series of “precious eggs” that a little bunny hopped around and hid.

Like the first item collection, the Super Sea Shell Hunt, players will need to find three common, three uncommon, and three rare items to complete the collection. Each item, when found, exists as a physical object inside a player’s tank, and also gets them one step closer to the final reward, which is only unlocked when the full collection has been found.

To find collection items, visit the tanks of your fellow Happy Aquarium players, and click on their treasure chest. If you’re lucky, you will earn a collection item as well as the normal coins. You can also find collectables within your own treasure chest.

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Happy Aquarium Adds Premium Pearl Idol

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar released yet another high-priced, high-reward idol, earlier today. This latest Pearl Idol follows the Love Idol that was added in February, and the Octopus Idol added just last week.

The Pearl Idol costs 138 FB$ ($13.80), but has a pretty tremendous upside: buying one will gives players one free pearl per day, forever. The offer expires March 30th however, so players will need to decide quickly!

Pearls are Happy Aquarium’s other premium currency, along with Facebook Credits. At one free pearl per day, SGC calculates that this Pearl Idol will pay for itself after about five and a half months. That’s a significant chunk of time to be sure, but for Happy Aquarium players committed to sticking with the game long term, this item a pretty great deal. It’s the only virtual item we know of that actually pays for itself, anyway.

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Happy Aquarium Releases Baby Hippo

A new lost animal is popping up in Happy Aquarium, today: a baby hippo!

Like the polar bear and seal before him, the Hippo appears at random in your tank. His appearance gives players the opportunity to “rescue” him by putting him up for adoption. This creates a Facebook news feed item. Each of your Happy Aquarium-playing friends that click on your news post will then receive a Baby Hippo of their own.

So, like with all other lost animals, this means that you can’t actually receive a hippo of your own, if you’re the one that finds him. Instead, you’ll need to keep an eye on your friends’ news feeds!

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Petville Releases Easter Items

Petville developer Zynga added a set of Easter and Spring-themed items to the game’s furniture store, earlier today. The item set contains about 25 items, which would be quite an extensive addition by most game’s standards, but is a little smaller than a typical Petville item update.

New items include: Furberge eggs of varying levels of fanciness, Easter balloons and posters, a set of four bunny statues, chocolate eggs and rabbits, and Mod Easter Egg chairs. A handful of Easter outfits and accessories were also added, including an adorable baby chick outfit.

These items aren’t specifically labeled as being limited-time offers, but if other Petville holiday item packs are any indication, players shouldn’t expect these Easter additions stick around forever.

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