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Happy Aquarium Adds Square Spot Fish

Not the biggest piece of news. In fact, the headline essentially sums things up. A new fish for high-level players was added to the Happy Aquarium shop: the Square Spot Fish.

The Square Spot Fish is unlocked at level 43, and costs 2650 coins. It grows to maturity in 32 hours. The red, pink, and purple fish doesn’t appear to actually have any square spots on it near as I can tell, so how it got its name seems to be a mystery. Its description states that it “Works hard” but that it “parties harder.” Perhaps it should have been named the Andrew WK Fish?

Happy Pets Adds Multicolored Piglets

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar continues to introduce more and more pet variety into their Facebook pet-raising title. In an update earlier this morning, the company introduced a variety of cute, uniquely-colored Piglets to the Happy Pets store.

Five baby pigs have been added in total. Four require FB$ to purchase, and the white piglet is available for purchase for 1950 coins at level 10. The purple, pink, black and blue pigs range in price from $1.80 – $3.60. If you’re confused about how to buy one of these pigs, just look in the ‘Other’ section of the Happy Pets animal store.

Will you be buying one of these piglets?

Happy Island Adds New Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar is always introducing new ways for Facebook players to entertain their visiting tourists (and make a little more money along the way). A handful of new attractions were added to the Happy Island store earlier today, available for a mixture of coins and FB$.

Crowdstar specifically singled out the Mercury Rocket, Haunted House, Great Pyramid, Temple of Petra, and Little Venice as the new additions. But a Space Elevator decoration was also added. And the Haunted House, Temple of Petra, and Little Venice were actually added a few days previously, without any announcement made.

The Great Pyramid and Temple of Petra (which was famously featured in India Jones and the Last Crusade) are available for purchase with coins. The other four can only be purchased with FB$, and range in price from $3.60 – $6.40.

Petville Launches Movie Awards Promotion

Petville developer Zynga has caught the Oscar fever, and has decided to share it with all their Petville-playing fans. Plus, let’s face it, we all know that our pets are superstars. Now we just have the opportunity to prove it!

The PetVille Movie Awards promotion is similar to the Valentine’s Day event that took place early last month. For the next seven days, players can send their Petville neighbors a variety of Movie Award-themed gifts. By clicking the star above your pet, you can see how many of each gift you have collected so far, and how many you need to collect in total to earn one of the unique, movie-themed prizes up for grabs.

The limited-time Movie Award gifts are:
- Movie Ticket: Dusk
- Movie Ticket: Harry Pawter
- Movie Ticket: Raiders of the Lost Bark
- Movie Ticket: Ratava
- Movie Ticket: Space Struggles
- Space Struggles LAser Sword
- Nomination: Lifetime Friendship Award
- Nomination: Best Comedian
- Nomination: Best Dressed
- Nomination: Best Set Decoration
- Nomination: Best Supporting Friend

So, what is up for grabs if you collect enough of these gifts from your neighbors? If you receive each of the five movie tickets, you will receive a movie poster set – one for each fictional film. Collecting 12 nominations earns the Best Pet Award Statue. Finally, collecting 18 Laser Swords will earn players a Laser Sword of their very own, plus a mystery bonus gift.

All in all, a very cool promotion. I want that Raiders of the Lost Bark poster! The entire promotion lasts until March 8th. Can you receive enough gifts in the next seven days to turn your pet into a Super Star?

Petville Gift: Mini-Tractor

Petville’s special Farmville-themed gifts roll on. Today’s gift is a mini-tractor. For those that haven’t been keeping track, this is Farmville gift #6, meaning there are still four to go.

As with all the other limited-time Farmville gifts, the tractor is available to send to your friends for today only, so don’t delay.

Social Game Central actually missed yesterday’s Farmville-themed gift – it was a Mini-Apple Tree. Apologies for readers that were counting on us reminding you when the new gift was online. We’re obsessed with Facebook games here at SGC, but even we like to actually get outside on the weekend every now and then.