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Farmville Teases Major Crop Mastery Update

Farmville developer Zynga released one update that nearly slipped underneath our radar, late this week. The following message was added to the news posts that sit underneath the game window:

Right now, Farmville farmers can “master” each crop by simply planting a whole lot of it. The only material reward is a crop mastery sign. Based on this teaser, it sounds like crop mastery is about to get much more interesting.

The note states that mastering crops will earn players”a bounty of bushels to sell in your market stalls” and that these crop bushels can be used to “create pies, perfumes, and more!” Exciting! The introduction of Farmville market stalls is a potentially huge game update – other farming games, most notably Country Life, allow players to actually do things with the crops they harvest, like turn them into jams, feed them to animals, etc. Could a similar feature be coming to Farmville?

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Fishville Releases More Farmville Items

Fishville developer Zynga already released one batch of Farmville-themed aquarium decorations, last week. This weekend, the company revealed that they were far from being finished – another extensive selection of farm items have been added.

New Farmville-themed Fishville items include: Baby Seacow, Gazebo, Shell Stand, Jellyfish Lamp, Snorkel Bull, Farm Mermaid, Tool Shed, Rusted Tractor, Seashell Tree, Starfish Tree, and several new Kelp Bale colors. Just like the last set, these items contain more personality than it might seem when just looking at their names. The Tool Shed, for example, is covered with moss and coral, and has a trident as one of its stored tools.

New gifts include: Scuba Cat, Kelp Stack, Bunny Topiary, Duck Topiary, Sea Horsie Topiary, and Sea Cow Topiary.

The majority of these new items are for sale for Sand Dollars, although the Rusted Tractor, Tool Shed, and Farm Mermaid can be purchased with coins.

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Social City Adds Easter Items & More

Social City developer Playdom has become the latest company to get into the spirit of Easter, by making a handful of Easter-themed updates to their hit city-building game this weekend.

The easter updates include three new gifts: Pink Easter Chicklet, Painted Easter Eggs, and Pink Easter Bunny. Two Easter-themed factory contracts were also added. Tiny Meeps are ready in 15 minutes, cost 400 coins to initiate, and earn 1200 coins and 6 XP when completed. The Chocolate Bunnies contract is completed in 5 hours, costs 1550 coins to initiate, and earns 7050 coins and 50 XP when completed.

A few non-themed additions were also made to the housing and leisure Social City stores. Players now have access to Blue Victorian Home (+450 Pop. every 6 hours), Brick House (+80 Pop. every 2 hours), Water Slide Pool (+14,000 leisure), and Old Tree Park (+8000 leisure).

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Happy Pets Adds Even More Dogs

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar is in the midst of what SGC is officially referring to as a Dogsplosion. That’s a dog explosion, for those not up on their lingo. Earlier in the week 20 new dog color combinations were added. And now 14 more new dogs are available.

Unlike the last set, these new dogs are once again drifting towards the more outlandish color combinations that the Happy Pets team is clearly so fond of. I don’t think there are very many naturally-occurring pink and blue Bubblegum Dalmatians.

The full list of new dogs: Black Mittens, Blond Poodle, Brown Labrador Retriever, Bubblegum Dalmatian, Dark Grey Dalmatian, Grey Poodle, Mocha Dalmatian, Orange Labrador, Pink Dalmatian, Rusty Poodle, Tawny Labrador, White Dalmatian, and White Poodle.

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Tiki Resort Adds Second Island

Tiki Resort from Playdom became the latest title to expand by giving players a bigger number of properties to manage, instead of just making the existing space larger. Tiki Resort players can now purchase a second island to develop!

There are three ways to gain access to the new Tiki Resort Island. Players can pay 50,000 shells to unlock it, as long as they have four Tiki Resort Neighbors. Or, at level 20, the new island is unlocked for free (although the neighbor requirement remains). Lastly, players can pay 7 FB$ ($0.70) to instantly unlock the new island without any other requirements.

The second island features a new, snowy design, and also features buildings and upgrades that players can’t get anywhere else. New buildings include Sharky’s Jewelry, Punta Bungalows, and Playa Del Buffet.

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Restaurant City’s Weekly Freebies

Restaurant City developer Playfish gives away so many free ingredients, decorations, and coin packages on the game’s fan page that it doesn’t make much sense for us to write about every single one of them. Instead, starting this week, SGC will be compiling these giveaways in a single post on the weekend. Much more convienient for you, the reader. And much easier for us, the bloggers. It’s a win / win!

Just click on any of the links below to be taken directly to Restaurant City, where you will be awarded your free item. ALL of these items can be collected, if you’re patient enough to click each link individually, and wait for the game to load:

Free Mango Ingredient
Free +5 Popularity
Free 1000 Coins
Free Bloblian Decoration
Free Chicken Ingredient
Free Chili Ingredient

Treasure Madness Releases Easter Update & New Minigame

Treasure Madness developer zSlide has wasted no time releasing more holiday-themed maps. Just as the game’s St. Patrick’s Day treasure maps expired, the company added a new set of Easter maps and treasures to take their place.

Although there are only eight Easter maps, SGC has discovered a tremendous 18 new Easter treasure collections. Eighteen! This means that many more Easter maps are probably on the way, or that TM players better become much more active traders than they have been in the past. With at least 90 new treasures to discover and only eight new maps, currently things don’t add up.

The new maps are: Paques Island, Pascha Island, Lamb Island, Easter Bunny Island, Bunny Island, Chick Island, Chocolate Island, and Hatchling Island.

The new Easter treasure collections are: TM Easter Eggs, Valuable Easter Eggs, Broken Easter Egg, Easter Baskets, Marshmallow animals, Animal Eggs, Coloured Eggs, Pretty Easter Eggs, Decorative Eggs, Flower Eggs, Nicely Wrapped Easter Eggs, Decorative Chocolate Eggs, Pretty Chocolate Eggs, Easter Egg Faces, Chocolate Eggs, and Easter Eggs.

In addition to all the new Easter items and maps, a new minigame was also added: Squarenigma. This activity has been hinted at for nearly as long as Wooden Maze – and now it is finally available. The goal is to flip all the squares on the board. Players pick a starting point, and then pick the direction they want to travel. If players hit a dead end and can’t flip more tiles, they must start over. It is the first Treasure Madness minigame that isn’t a copy of an existing game (to the best of my knowledge), and can initially be a little confusing. It’s a lot of fun and a nice change of pace once the rules are fully understood, however.

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My Town Releases New Gifts

My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios added a few new gifts to the game’s gift tab, this weekend. Four of the five new additions are limited time Spring-themed items: Yellow Tulips, White Tulips, Pink Tulips, and a Spring Gnome.

The last new gift is something very different, however:

How can players resist? The Rusty Craphole has the makings of a classic My Town building. The car that appears to be on blocks, the trash in the yard… I’m sure My Town players can’t wait to gift this item repeatedly to one another.

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My Town Adds Support for Multiple Towns!

My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios released a significant expansion to their hit town-building title, earlier this week: players can now own and manage multiple towns! My Town players are always clamoring for more and more space to grow their towns, so Broken Bulb rolled out town expansions rapidly. But eventually towns reached a size so big that it was tough to keep adding more available space. So instead, players can now buy (it appears) up to four brand-new towns to grow and manage.

To purchase a second town, players need to be level 15, and will also need a whopping 100,000 coins. Impatient players that want to skip these requirements can buy a second town for 20 Town Cash instead. The town selection menu indicates that a third, fourth, and fifth town can also be acquired, but we are not a high enough level to confirm. If any My Town addicts have the scoop on these expansions, leave a note in the comments below or on our forums.

Happy Island Video Contest Begins

We wrote a couple days ago about Crowdstar’s Happy Aquarium Video contest. Late yesterday, the company announced a similar promotion for their other hit game: Happy Island. The contest ends April 6th, and features very similar rules.

Winning submissions will have their video featured at an upcoming Facebook Conference. Crwodstar also noted that they reserve the right to use the video for other future long-term marketing initiatives. So if you don’t want your face out there, it might be best to skip this contest.

The rules are simple: create a video that starts with “I love Happy Island on Facebook because…” and then go from there. Crowdstar suggests players mention neighbors, newsfeeds, gifts invites, or whatever else players love most about the game. All participants need to be fully-clothed (sorry, exhibitionists!) and videos should not be longer than one minute. Full contest details and instructions for how to enter can be found here, on the official Happy Island forum.

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