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Petville Adds Huge Outdoor Item Set

To accompany the official release of Petville yards, Zynga has added a huge set of outdoor items. And I do mean huge. Our image gallery (at the end of this post) contains 19 pictures. The items can be found in a new Petville store – The Great Outdoors.

Fences, birdbaths, playground equipment, barbecue grills, dog houses, sprinklers, pinwheels, a putting green, a hot tub, pink flamingos, lawn chairs, picnic accessories, a tire swing, lawn gnomes, animal topiaries, and many more items are now available. Players can even buy different sky or ground options.

As is usually the case, most of the more detailed items and animated items are available for Pet Cash, with the rest for sale for coins.

Despite the tremendous number of new yard decorations, there is one set of items conspicuous in their absence – actual plants and trees. Our guess is that Zynga is planning a follow-up gardening / greenery item update.

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Petville Yards Released! – The Complete Construction Guide

Petville developer Zynga finally released the long-teased yards today, but with a twist! Players can’t just purchase one, like the other Petville house expansions. Instead, the yard has to be built. How? Zynga has broken down all the details, and we’ve reproduced their full note (with images!) below.

The short version? Constructing a yard is very similar to constructing a Horse Stable in Farmville or a Chop Shop in Mafia Wars. Players will need to gather materials from their Petville friends, or buy the materials they need. Once they have the 50 required items, voila – your pets now have a yard! Zynga’s guide:

Yards are here! Start building your very own yard today! Send free gifts to your friends to help them build their own yards! The new yard store is open and ready for business to help you decorate your new yard!

How to Build a Yard:
* There are 5 different kinds of materials you will need.
* Collect 10 of each yard building materials for a total of 50 items.
* Each of your friends can send you different kinds of materials.
* You can also purchase extra yard materials from the yard window.

Let’s get started:
You’ll see a new yard icon on the right side of your house. Click on the yard icon to go outside! It looks like this:

There will be a progress sign in your yard while it is under construction.

Using Materials:
Everyone starts off with one wheelbarrow of dirt to get them started. In your yard, there is a wooden sign with a green button on it. Click this button to use the materials you have collected. You can click on this button any time you have new materials to use.

Once you have used up all of your supplies, click on the green “Get Supplies” button in your yard to bring up the materials window. In this window, you can see how many materials you need, buy more materials, or ask your friends to send you materials.

Send your friends yard materials and ask them to send materials back to you!

Sending Materials:
Each pet can gift 2 of the 5 types of materials that you will need. The materials that you can gift are determined randomly so you will need the help of a few different friends to collect all of the different kinds of materials.

Mobsters 2 Teases Next Location

Mobsters 2 from Playdom released its Moscow location a couple months ago, and it looks like the game’s next major expansion is about to be released. The company released posted this “sneak peak” at what players can expect from the upcoming city:

Not much to go on, is it? Other hints besides this have been dropped, however. Right now, it looks like the next Mobsters 2 location is most like going to be… Amsterdam! The most blatant hint is probably the “dutch export” gift. We’ll know soon enough if this speculation is correct, or not.

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Cafe World ‘Cafe of the Week’ Contest Announced

Cafe World developer Zynga is giving players with the best cafes the opportunity to win 100 Cafe Cash, and plenty of bragging rights within the Cafe World community. The new ‘Cafe of the Week’ contest is pretty simple: take a picture of your Cafe, and post it on the Zynga forums. The winning cafe, as chosen by Zynga, will win 100 Cafe Cash and have their restaurant posted on the Cafe World fan page for all to see.

Full contest rules are posted at the above link. The only real twist is that no photoshopped images are allowed, including photoshopped backgrounds. Players will need to let their cafe speak for itself!

The contest just began yesterday afternoon, and there is already over 100 pages of contest entries. So good luck to all that enter.

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Cafe Cash On Sale Now

Cafe World developer Zynga is running a very rare sale on the game’s premium Cafe Cash currency.

The sale prices kick in when a player purchases at least $20 in Cafe Cash, with the bonuses growing for bigger bulk purchases. The largest purchase is now an impressive $150. At $20 players used to receive 120 Cafe Cash, but now they receive 140 instead – the equivalent of approximately $4 in free currency. A $150 purchase used to garner 1250 Cafe Cash. But now, players will receive 1600. This is 350 free Cafe Cash, or nearly $50 worth.

Players can also use real-world cash to purchase Cafe Coins, and a similar coin promotion is also running, right now.

Other social game developers run sales on a fairly regular basis, but it is rare for Zynga to offer an actual discount on their currency purchases. A specific expiration date for the sale hasn’t been given, but it wouldn’t be a sale if it lasted forever, would it? Players considering a Cafe Cash purchase should probably act fast, to take advantage of these lower prices.

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Cafe World Adds Chocolate Candy Item Set

Cafe World developer Zynga released a sugary sweet decoration set, earlier this week. Players should now have everything they need to turn their restaurant into a Wonka-esque candy wonderland.

New items include: Wafer Table, Crumble Cookie Table, Cupcake Chair, Dark Chocolate Door, Bubblegum Barrel, Candy Kernel Window, Gummy Fun Teeter-Totter, Candy Train, Red Twizzle Tree, Gumball Hippo, Gingerbread Residence, Candy Crane, Gingerbread Man, and many many others.

Zynga also added a new theme-appropraite recipe: Ice Cream Sundae. It is available to players level 55 and higher.

Like most themed Cafe World item sets, these items are available for a mixture of Cafe Cash and Coins. Most of the Cafe Cash items are large, animated, or otherwise have a more “premium” feel to them. Out of the coin items, the 125,000-coin Yellow Twizzle Tree is probably the highlight. We have a complete image gallery of all the new additions below.

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Farmville Adds Final French Chateau Items

Earlier this week I thought we had seen the final Farmville French Chateau items. Farmville developer Zynga proved me wrong, however, by releasing another three Chateau items in tonight’s update. But it truly is the end, this time!

The three items are: Museum, Restaurant, and Pavilion. The Museum is for sale for 65 FV$, the Restaurant for $42 FV$, and the Pavilion for 30 FV$. All three will be removed from the Farmville marketplace in five days, along with all the other French Chateau items.

So… what makes these items a more fitting conclusion to the extensive item set than the Chateau itself? The most obvious answer is that the Museum is huge. HUGE. It’s probably the biggest building or item released in Farmville yet. Whether it is worth 65 FV$ or not is open for debate, but there is no debating that it certainly makes a statement.

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Farmville Releases Easter Decorations

Farmville developer Zynga released a couple of Easter / Spring decorations on the Farmville Marketplace, in tonight’s update. The new additions are an Egg Fence, and Chick-n-Egg.

The Chick-n-Egg is available for 14 FV$, while the Egg Fence is 700 coins. Both are available for 11 more days. The egg features an animation of a baby chick popping its head out the top, and is all-around adorable. The Egg Fence is like a normal fence, but with Easter eggs along the base.

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What’s Inside the Farmville Mystery Egg?

The earliest prize Farmville players gain access to in the new Farmville Spring Basket is a Mystery Egg. It can be redeemed for ten normal Spring Eggs. So what’s inside? As of now, the possible contents are:

- 100 XP
- Arborists
- Double Avatar Size
- Farmhands
- Small Can of Fuel

As with all other Farmville Mystery Eggs / Crates / Boxes, the prize you receive is random. The only way to get what you want is to try, try again. It’s worth pointing out that unlike other mystery containers, this one doesn’t actually contain anything exclusive. Besides the Double Avatar Size, of course. Take a look at it in action:

Impressive, isn’t it? Farmville players are reporting that the effect wears off in about an hour.

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Farmville Releases Spring Basket!

Farmville Spring / Easter Basket is here! We know the rewards and prizes.

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Zynga kept the holiday celebrations rolling today with the release of a new Farmville Spring Basket! It looks like this Easter-inspired event is replacing the Farmville Pot of Gold, which was such a huge hit earlier this month.

The Spring Basket functions in a similar way. As players collect more Spring Eggs in their basket, they gain access to more and more rewards. The possible Farmville Spring Basket prizes are:

- Mystery Egg – 10 Eggs
- Sunny Ewe – 20 Eggs
- Bunny Gnome – 30 Eggs
- Guilded Egg – 40 Eggs
- Flower Fountain – 75 Eggs
- Dutch Wind Mill – 150 Eggs

Players can send Spring Eggs to one another via the Farmville Gifts tab. They come in Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, and Pink, but the differences are just for fun – each color just adds +1 to a player’s egg total. Players can also purchase five eggs for 5 FV$. Lastly, players visiting their neighbor’s farms will find eggs at random performing helpful actions like fertilizing.

One interesting twist: Zynga noted that the Farmville Spring Bunny was especially fond of new Farmville players. Anyone that has signed up in the last seven days can gift more Spring Eggs, and will find more hidden on their farm.

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