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My Town Releases Skyscraper & More

My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios added another handful of buildings and decorations, earlier today.

New items include a Hollywood Star sidewalk, a Mega Store that looks suspiciously like a Wal-Mart, an extremely detailed Water Park, a Skyscraper, and a White Pine tree.

As impressive as the Skyscraper is, the Water Park has to be the highlight of today’s additions. In just a few pixels, it crams in a wave pool, four water slides, gazebos, and more.

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Happy Aquarium Video Contest Begins

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar announced a pretty cool contest, earlier today. The creatively-named “I ♥ Happy Aquarium Video” contest is pretty simple: create a video testimonial that explains why you love Happy Aquarium. The winners won’t be receiving any in-game currency (boo!) but they will have their video “featured at an upcoming Facebook Conference” (yay!).


What to say in your video:

Videos should start with the words,

“I love Happy Aquarium on Facebook because…”

Explain how Facebook really improves your Happy Aquarium experience or life in general! Feel free to mention how the following make your Happy Aquarium experience happier:

* Neighbors
* Newfeeds
* Gifts
* Facebook Credits
* Invites
* Reliability and Speed of Facebook


All videos must have audio and visual.
Participants in the video must be fully-clothed. Avoid wearing clothing with recognizable logos.

Videos must be no longer than one minute in length and 1024 MB in size.
Submissions must be received by Wednesday, April 6 at midnight (PST).

…that’s about it! To upload your video, visit the Happy Aquarium fan page, and click the little video camera icon, below the area where you can write a wall post. You can find full contest details here, on the Happy Aquarium forums.

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Mafia Wars Robbing Returning Soon

Mafia Wars developer Zynga announced late yesterday that the long-awaited return of robbing is coming “very soon.” They also revealed details on how the new system will work. Robbing in Mafia Wars will now be more interactive, feature more rewards and incentives, and should be a more positive overall experience.

Zynga’s full note on the upcoming robbery revisions is below. Certain critical sections have been bolded by Social Game Central, for emphasis.

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Hey Mafia Wars Players,

If you haven’t heard the news already, we’ve listened to your suggestions and are bringing back robbing! We’re planning on rolling it out very soon, but before we do, we thought we’d shed a little light on what you can expect…

One of the ways you’ll be able to rob is from the Fight Tab which will give you random targets. From there, you’ll be presented with a grid containing robbable properties that are color-coded to show you the level of difficulty in trying to rob that property. The size of the properties will determine how much effort will be required to rob. Going after the bigger properties will require higher stamina cost and more mafia – but the greater risk will yield the greater reward. Finish the entire grid, and you’ll receive bonus exp and a chance for the rare robbing collection item! Robbing will have a 10-level mastery bar for you to conquer, and every successful heist will move the bar up. You’ll receive a cool mastery item for your efforts, and that item will be upgraded for each level you complete.

If you have a beef with someone in particular you can rob them from their profile page, where you will be shown a list of their robbable properties and the stamina cost needed to rob them. Here, you’ll have to proceed at your own risk – the properties for a specific target won’t be color-coded to show the degree of difficulty to rob. Do keep in mind that with this method, you won’t get a shot to bank the rare robbing collection, and robbing from the profile page won’t increase your mastery.

When you get robbed, you’ll be able to see which of your properties were hit. If you roll your mouse over the robbed property, you can find out who robbed you. You can ask your mafia to retaliate or take action against them yourself. If you remember to keep a close eye on your properties, you can prevent being robbed. Just watch for when the properties are ready to collect from, and cash them out immediately to stop looters in their tracks!

Keep playing Mafia Wars and be on the lookout for when we finally unveil robbing. Start out as an apprentice burglar and try to work your way up to Grand Master Thief, and grab exclusive collection items along the way. Think you’ve got what it takes to face this new challenge? Stick around and find out!

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Restaurant City Releases Sci-Fi Item Pack

Restaurant City developer Playfish added a wide variety of Sci-Fi items today, to accompany the new out-of-this-world food recipes released earlier this week. The space-themed item set is extensive, with new clothing, new indoor decorations, and new outdoor decorations.

New clothing options for your restaurant staff include Digitron Space Helmet, Oooo Space Helmet, and red, white, & black space helmets. Red, white, and black “Space Shirts” and “Space Pants” were also added. When combined, they make restaurant employees look like a cross between Boba Fett and Darth Vader. Which is awesome.

New indoor decorations include Floating Planet, Meteor, Slime Container, Bloblian, Alien Statues, Signal Projector, Black Hole Door, Alien Monolith, Hypnotic Artifact, Purple Alien Pet, and many others.

New outdoor decorations include UFO Roof, Space Monkey, Alien Plant, and Floating UFOs.

There are more premium, Playfish Cash items than a typical Restaurant City update, but it’s clear that Playfish had a lot of fun dreaming up ideas for this item set. The Alien Statue turns your garbage into green goo. The Hypnotic Artifact makes your customers wait an additional second, etc. There are lots of cool special features, this time around.

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Happy Pets Adds Pet Hotel

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a new Happy Hotel feature, earlier this week. Players can now “store” their pets in the hotel if they want to make room for more pets in their house itself.

So, the hotel is basically just a fancy pet storage system. But it’s much more fun to imagine that you’re sending your pet off to a happy hotel, rather than simply storing them for later. The hotel initially holds up to four pets, but it seems very likely that players will be able to pay to expand this storage space in the future.

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Cafe World Introduces Fan Club Lotto

Cafe World developer Zynga has been toying around with scratch tickets for a while now, but tonight the company announced the official launch of the Cafe World Fan Club Lotto. To participate, all you have to do is click this link.

Players are then presented with a “scratch ticket,” and get to choose which of the three areas to scratch, thus determining their random prize. I won 50 Overstuffed Peppers. Maybe not the most exciting reward, but hey, free is free.

After claiming their prize, players are then given an opportunity to send a scratch lotto ticket to their fellow Cafe World players. The Fan Club Lotto is basically like a mystery gift with a little extra pizazz on top.

Pet Society Adds New Gifts

Gift giving has become a bit of a staple in social games, hasn’t it? It makes sense. There is hardly anything more directly social and cooperative than sending a gift to a friend. I’m sure from the game maker’s point of view it doesn’t hurt that the gifts are also a good reminder to come back and check out their game again.

Pet Society from Playfish introduced new items for gift givers to send to one another, earlier this week. New gifts include: Blue Robin Plushie, Daffodils Bouquet, Red Panda Plushie, White Ribbon Egg, Pink Gift Basket, and Pink Ribbon Egg.

No specific expiration date was given for these gifts, but it is all but a certainty that they won’t be around forever. So send these free gifts while you can!

Pet Society Adds Easter Egg Decorating

Most youngsters would probably agree that the best thing about Easter (besides the candy, of course) is decorating Easter Eggs. Playfish appears to agree. This week the company added an Easter egg decorating activity to their flagship game Pet Society.

It works like this: First, a player must buy a plain egg to act as the base. They’re quite large, and come in a variety of flavors / colors. I bought a chocolate egg. Next, players buy Easter Mystery Eggs, sold in a dispenser next to the egg display, in the furniture shop. Each Easter Mystery Egg contains… well… a mystery! Once you open it, it will contain a random item you can use to decorate your own giant egg.

Easter Egg Mystery Egg contents include Vanilla Frosting Twirls, White Bunny Decor, Blue Egg Ribbon, Pink Egg Rosette, Chick Egg Decor, Pink Sugar Roses, and Chocolate Cream Decoration. And undoubtedly many more items.

Fishville Releases Charity Water Wrasse

Fishville developer Zynga introduced a new charity fish, yesterday: the Haiti Water Wrasse. Players who buy one aren’t just getting a great virtual fish, they will also be doing a little good in the world.

The Water Wrasse costs 10 Sand Dollars, and grows to maturity in an extremely impressive 15 days. It can be sold for 15,000 coins and 1500 EXP.

More importantly, 50% of the proceeds are being donated to, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe water and sanitation to Haitians in need.

The Water Wrasse is only available for a little over three more days, so players wanting to do their part (and get a great fish) will need to act quickly.

Social City Makes Improvements

Social City developer Playdom released a handful of new items and upgrades, earlier today. The most noticeable change is that buildings now display a “loading” image when players initially enter the game. Before, objects would just pop suddenly into view. But now, a grid displays where a building will be appearing, once the data loads.

SGC also noticed two new leisure buildings: a Book Store that adds 3100 happiness, and Rob’s Big Burger, which provides 5300 happiness. Did we miss any new buildings?

Playdom also stated that various “bugfixes” were also included in this update, although the company did not elaborate.

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