Tiki Resort Adds Mega Money Charm & Charm Shipments

Two more new additions came to Tiki Resort this week: charm shipments, and a new premium Mega Money Charm.

The Mega Money Charm is for sale for 9 FB$ ($0.90), and causes tourists to pay +10 coins each time they visit the charmed attraction.

The charm shipments are a new game feature entirely. Patient players can have an air shipment of charms sent to their island by paying coins, instead of FB$. The cost and wait time vary according to the number and type of charms being ordered. Current shipments are:

1 Pineapple Charm – 5 Minutes – 3,000 coins
3 Pineapple Charms – 2 hours – 4,000 coins
5 Pineapple Charms – 12 hours – 5,000 coins
10 Pineapple Charms – 25 hours – 10,000 coins
5 Lei Charms – 12 hours – 20,000 coins
5 Drink Charms – 12 hours – 15,000 coins

Players must be around when the shipment arrives to collect it, or else it will spoil and players will be out their initial investment. Still, Playdom has given players a free way to earn what used to be premium-only items. Nice!

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