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Restaurant City Adds Spring Items

Restaurant City developer Playfish added a set of Spring / Easter-themed items to their hit restaurant title, earlier this week. This puts the game head-to-head with competing title Cafe World from Zynga. Both games have released similar item packs in the past, but to our knowledge it has never actually happened in the same week.

In any case, new decorations include: Long Spring Table, Chicken Coop, Easter Vase, Daffodil Decor, Chick Decor, Giant Chocolate Egg, Mother Hen, Spring Toilet, Egg Tree and Spring Grass. New outdoor decorations include Easter Egg Roof, Easter Egg Decor, and lots of giant egg colors.

This item set also includes three premium functional items. The Spring Goddess Statue costs 12 PF Cash, and creates flowers wherever customers walk. Animated Pet Chicks and Pet Bunnies are also for sale, and will hop around players’ restaurants. New themed drink dispensers and stoves were also added.

Lastly, new Easter recipes were also released. Players can now learn Easter Lamb with Herbs, Hot Cross Bun, and Hot Easter Chocolate. All three expire in 25 days.

Cafe World Adds Spring Item Set

Cafe World developer Zynga got into the Easter spirit, this week, by releasing a set of Easter / Spring-themed decorations.

New decorations include: Spring Table, Bunny Chair, Spring Flowers, Happy Bunny Slide, Holiday Egg Painter, Chick-Go-Round, Singing Chicklets, Spring Egg Lamp, Easter Bunny, Eggy Sales, Baby Bunny Swing, Blue and Gold Egg Lamps, and several others.

As always, the items are for sale for a mixture of coins and Cafe Cash. One interesting twist is that the Spring Table is actually for sale for coins. Nearly every other themed table has been sold for Cafe Cash. We’re going to go ahead and assume it was our complaining that caused this pricing change.

Breaking: Zynga Launches Treasure Isle!

Farmville developer Zynga flipped the switch on a brand new title, this afternoon: Treasure Isle! The game is modeled after one of SGC’s favorite Facebook games, Treasure Madness.

Players are tasked with exploring islands, one square at a time. As squares are dug up, treasures can be discovered. When a full set of five treasures as been completed, a special bonus is earned.

Every tile a player digs spends some energy. Energy refills over time, or can be refilled via fruits found around the island maps, or can be entirely refilled by spending a small amount of real cash.

The game’s big twist and biggest differentiation from Treasure Madness is that players also have a “Home Island.” As players level up and earn gold, more items and buildings are unlocked, allowing players to customize their home space. Players can even plant fruits on their home island that can be harvested for an Energy boost.

We’ll have more on Treasure Isle very soon. For now, check out our introductory screenshot gallery:

SPP Ranch Adds Easter Egg Hunt

SPP Ranch developer Slide already released a set of Easter items, last week. But the apparently the Easter celebration wasn’t over. Today, the company announced a new Easter Egg Hunt event is now live.

The event should be familiar to gamers that play Farmville or a few other Zynga games – it is designed in a similar way. Players can ask for Easter eggs by posting a news feed item. Other SPP Ranch players can then click on this feed post to give you an egg. Players can alo send eggs to one another via the SPP Ranch gift page.

Once players collect a certain number of eggs, they begin earning exclusive rewards. Prizes are earned after collecting 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 eggs. If any SPP Ranch players have any intel on what these prizes are, be sure to leave us a note in the comments below or on our Forums.

SPP Ranch Adds Carnival Item Pack

SPP Ranch developer Slide updates their animal-raising title very consistently. Every Wednesday, players have a new set of themed items to play around with. This week’s item set follows a carnival theme, with slides, rides, concessions, and all the other carnival decorations one would expect to find.

New items include: Balloons, Cotten Candy Machine, Arcade Machines, Hot Dog Stand, Bouncy Castle, Ferris Wheel, Archery Game Booth, Ball Game Booth, Ice Cream Stand, Super Pirate Ride, and many more.

As with most SPP Ranch updates, most of the items are for sale for coins. The carousel, bouncy castle, ferris wheels, and balloons are only available for premium currency, however.

Happy Pets Releases Easter Pets

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar decided to celebrate Easter in their own unique way, today: by introducing a set of Easter-themed pets, of course. This should come as no surprise to Happy Pets followers – by now players should be used to outlandish pet color combinations.

There were four pets added in total. Each is only available for 12 more days, and each is for sale for 48 FB$ ($4.80). The new pets are: Chocolate Bunny, Easter Dalmatian, Easter Cat, and Easter Bunny.

The chocolate bunny is a two-toned brown rabbit. The three Easter animals are Teal, with Yellow and Pink accents.

Happy Pets Introduces Pet Trader

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar pulled the lid off its Pet Trader feature that has been in the works for a while, yesterday. The feature is pretty simple – it allows Happy Pet neighbors to trade unwanted pets with one another.

To get started, players can click the Pet Trader icon at the bottom of the game screen, next to the Pet Hotel icon. From there, players will see three tabs: Status, Find a Pet, and Give Away. The Give Away tab is where players indicate which of their pets they are willing to trade. Find a Pet shows players which pets their neighbors have put up for trade. Status (we’re assuming) shows you what stage any of your current pet trades are in.

Despite having over a dozen Happy Pets neighbors, no one had put any pets up for trade yet, so we weren’t able to test out the feature firsthand. It seems a safe bet, based on the ‘Status’ screen, that players will be able to confirm any trades before they are completed, to ensure everyone is happy with the trade and that there are no hurt feelings.