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Fishville Adds More Fanta Sea Items

Fishville developer Zynga added even more items to their “Fanta Sea Forest” item set, today. The fantasy-inspired decoration set was initially a little sparse, but Zynga has slowly but surely built it up into one of Fishville’s most memorable expansions.

New items in today’s update include: Baby Narwhal, Momma Dragon, Pumpkin Carriage, Frog Commander, Mystic Wizard, Earthen Pool, Dwarf Mago, Dwarf Mimo, Wise Owl, and Black Musketeer. Note that these items are mixed in with the previously-released Fanta Sea decorations, and aren’t specifically labeled as new additions.

The Baby Narwhal is set to be retired in a little over five days. None of the other Fanta Sea items have yet been given a specific retirement date. We’ll be sure to let you know when their expiration is imminent.

Petville Challenges: Kisses and New Neighbors

A new week means two new Petville challenges for players to complete. This week Zynga has given players one easy challenge, and one that will require more luck (or Facebook friend arm twisting) than anything else.

Smooch Fest simply requires players to kiss 10 neighbors this week. Kissing is one of the neighbor activities players have access to when visiting a neighbor’s Petville house. Only one kiss per neighbor per day counts towards the required 10. This means players only need two neighbors to complete this challenge, if they smooch them daily.

Warm Welcomer requires players to visit a Petville neighbor who has signed up for the game within the past seven days. Zynga made sure to specify that a player that leaves the game and then comes back doesn’t count. The easiest way to complete this is probably just to force a friend to sign up, assuring them that they don’t need to even play, if they don’t want to. Outside of that, all players can do is keep their fingers crossed that one of their Facebook friends discovers the game, this week.

Petville Introduces Mimichu Collectible Gifts

Petville developer Zynga added the first of several limited time ‘Mimichu’ items on the game’s gifts tab, today. Unlike previous special Petville gift collections, each of these items will be available for two days, instead of one, taking a little bit of the gifting pressure off of those players hoping to collect the full set.

The items all feature a mouse with a pink ribbon – is this Mimichu? Did we miss something? If any reader has the scoop, let us know in the comments.

The first item available is a Mimichu Plushie. Future items in the set haven’t been officially announced, but based on the promotional images, it looks like players will soon be able to get their hands on a Mimichu poster, wall clock, alarm clock, and figurine as well.

Petville Releases Enchanted Crate

Petville developer Zynga released an Enchanted Mystery Crate in the game’s Premium Store, earlier this week. The crate costs 30 Pet Cash (about $2.50), and is guaranteed to contain one of eight “enchanted prizes.” So what’s inside? We have the full list:

- Crystal Ball
- Magic Book (it floats!)
- Magic Wand accessory
- Magic Mirror
- Magical Bed
- Magic Tree
- Magic Rose
- Magic Floating Castle

We have images of most of these new Enchanted Crate magical items, as well. Courtesy of the Official Petville Forum:

Happy Aquarium Releases ‘Zemo’ Famous Fish

Like the look-alike famous dogs added to Happy Pets earlier this week, Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar released a limited edition clownfish named ‘Zemo’ today. The fish bears a striking resemblance to Nemo, the title character in Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

Just to reinforce this connection, the offer pop-up states that players can “Have fun finding Zemo as he swims around in your tank.”

While a pretty good promotional idea in theory, I’m not really sure that Crowdstar thoroughly thought this one through. The plot of Finding Nemo involves Nemo being unhappily trapped in an aquarium against his will, and his dad’s efforts to rescue him and return him to the ocean, where he belongs.

In any case, Zemo was a true limited edition – we checked in on Happy Aquarium just a few hours after this promotion was announced, and only 9 were left! So players that have their heart set on one are probably out of luck, unless Crowdstar orchestrates an encore. Zemo was for sale for 58 FB$ ($5.80), or 70 Pearls.

Cafe World Amps Up Cake Vs. Pie Rhetoric

Cafe World developer Zynga has been participating in – nay – facilitating a war between desserts for some time now. It seems the company is determined to use Cafe World players to solve the age-old dessert debate: cake, or pie?

This debate seems to have grown into a full-fledged “Dessert Madness” tournament. Players can vote in the first “Pie Division” match-up, Mud Pie Vs. Strawberry Pie, by answering a single question right here. Players can also show their allegiance by buying “Got Cake” or “Got Pie” shirts for their cafe staff in the Cafe World shop.

If this battle heats up much more, we might just have to change our name to Dessert Madness Central.

SPP Ranch Adds Fruit Trees

SPP Ranch developer Slide has finally added fruit trees to their animal-raising title. Previously, raising and selling animals was virtually the only way players could earn in-game currency. Now, players can also plant and harvest fruit from these new trees to earn a little extra dough.

To kick things off, Slide has given all SPP Ranch players a free apple tree – players will find it in their gift box. Other available fruit trees include starfruit, orange, cherry, and coconut. Depending on the tree, fruit can be harvested every 12 to every 72 hours.

SPP Ranch Adds Puzzle Piece Decorations

SPP Ranch developer Slide added a collection of puzzle piece decorations to their animal-raising title, earlier today. In addition to a handful of colored blank puzzle pieces, one piece for each letter of the alphabet was also released, allowing players to personalize their farm:

The puzzle pieces are for sale for 150 coins each, and are designed to fit snugly together. What will you use these puzzle pieces to spell?

SPP Ranch Adds Mother’s Day & Cinco De Mayo Items

With both Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, it seems that SPP Ranch developer Slide just couldn’t decide which holiday to build an item set around. Instead, the company just decided to celebrate both!

New Cinco de Mayo decorations include: Cactus with Hat, Mexican Sheep Plushie, Virgin Margarita, and several varieties of dinner table.

Mother’s Day decorations include: Mother’s Day Babies, Popping Piglet & Popping Chick Bouquets, and several varieties of Gift Box Houses.

A special Mother’s Day Carnations event is also taking place right now in SPP Ranch. Players can collect Mother’s Day flowers from their neighbors, and redeem them for exclusive rewards. Rewards are earned after reaching 2, 4, 6, 10, 15, and 25 flowers.

Farmville Storage Capacity Doubled

Farmville developer Zynga announced tonight that Farmville’s item storage capacity has been doubled. Players can now store up to 200 items, up from the previous limit of 100.

While this is undoubtedly great news for all compulsive Farmville hoarders (essentially every serious Farmville player), this storage upgrade isn’t free. Players will still need to buy their storage slots, or earn them through barn raisings. Today’s announcement is just that the “hard cap” of 100 total stored items been raised significantly.

Farmville community manager Lexilicious’ full statement on this storage increase:

“Hey Farmers!

You can store more than ever with the new Storage Expansion! Please find a quick guide on how this feature works below.

Storage Expansion:
You can now increase the capacity of your Storage Buildings. Each of your storage buildings can be upgraded twice. The first upgrade will provide you with 5 extra storage and the second upgrade will provide 7 extra storage. The two upgrades will give you 12 extra storage spaces in total.

There are two ways to expand your Storage.

1) The first way to expand storage is to pay Farm Cash. If you wish to purchase the storage upgrade with FarmVille cash (10 FC), you can do so by clicking the “BUY” button.

2) Alternatively, you can hold a Barn Raising, by clicking the “Expand Storage” button. After choosing to expand your storage, you will receive a pop-up, clicking the “okay” button will allow you to post a feed to your wall.

After posting your feed, you will have 3 days to have 10 of your friends click on your feed. (Each of your friends can help ONCE per day (24 hours). Up to a total of 3 times (once per day) during the Barn Raising. This means you do not necessarily need 10 unique friends.

When you click on a friends feed asking for Barn Raising, you will receive 100 coins.

If you wish to “give up” on the barn raising, you can click the “GIVE UP” button and the barn raising will cease.Please keep in mind that you can only raise 1 storage item at a time.

If you do not manage to get 10 clicks on your feed in three days, you can purchase the storage upgrade at a discounted price equilavent to the amount of clicks you recieved.

The closer you manage to get to 10 clicks, the cheaper it will be to purchase with Farm Cash.”