SGC Guide: Ranch Town’s Steam Power

Ranch Town developer Meteor Games released a large game update, late last week. Ranch expansions & cosmetic decorations made their debut, as well as a brand new feature: Steam Power! Steam Power allows players to automate their machines and animals, processing all ranch goods automatically, with no need to click click click repeatedly.

We have put together a complete illustrated guide to help players learn what Ranch Town Steam Power is, how to get and use it, and what it can & can’t do.

How to get Steam Power
Steam Power can be obtained in two ways: it can be bought with Meteor Credits, or it can be obtained as a gift from fellow Ranch Town players. Let’s start with purchasing.

Players will first need to buy some meteor credits. This can be done by clicking the “Add coins and credits” tab, above the game itself. $10 purchases 1,000 credits, so an easy trick is to remember that one Meteor Credit = one cent. There is no discount for buying larger amounts of currency, like in many other games.

Once you have the credits, steam power can be purchased from the “Automation” tab of the Ranch Town store. Steam Power packages range from the quite small (150 steam points) to the very large (12,000 Steam Points). Again, there is NO discount for buying a larger package!

Regardless of which package a player buys, they get 15 steam points for 1 Meteor Credit (i.e. 1 cent). So feel free to buy the smallest package, to test the feature out.

Gifting is the only other way to receive Steam Power. Players can gift 25 Steam Points to one another on the Ranch Town gifts tab, in the same way other in-game gifts are sent. 25 might not seem like much (it is not even 2 cents worth!), but if a large group of people send each other 25 every day, it will add up quickly. Plus, there is always a use for it, unlike gifting something like machines, which may not be wanted or needed.

After you accept the gift, the 25 Steam Power is automatically added to your total.

How to use Steam Power
Once you’ve gotten some Steam Points, it’s time to spend them! To begin, click the new Steam Power icon, below your level and XP bar.

This brings up the Steam Power icon above all your animals and machines. By clicking one of these icons, it will change from red to green. This machine is now automated! It will automatically restock itself, and once it finishes processing an item, it will automatically harvest it.

Clicking on the icon above the machine again will disable automation.

What Steam Power Can’t Do

- Steam Power can not plant or harvest crops from farm plots. It only works on animals and machines that process goods from one form into another.

- Steam Power DOES NOT work if you close the game! Ranch Town must remain open for goods to be processed.

- Steam Powered machines and animals still require the same amount of processing time. The process is not sped up – just automated. So if you’re like us, with nearly 600 flour built up, it will still take 600 minutes to process it.

Other Steam Power Facts & Questions

- Players still earn XP as normal for processing goods with Steam Power, even though they aren’t clicking.

- Two Steam Points are used to process each good, not one. This is because a Steam Point is spent every time the game does something a player would normally have to click to do. One Steam Point for stocking the machine, another Steam Point for harvesting the finished product. Remember this when planning! 200 Steam Points will process 100 items, not 200!

Suggested uses for Steam Power
– Help with a backlog. Most players will have hundreds of flour or cornmeal saved up before they get their first bakery. Automating that bakery can be a big boost.

– Automating a single full production line. By automating both a cow and a butter churn, players can turn Alfalfa directly into butter. When butter is eventually used to make something, that building can then be automated as well.

– We suggest players not automate machines that only have 20 – 50 items to process, or one-step production lines. These situations are easy for a player to handle themselves. Save Steam Power for the big stuff!

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