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Mafia Wars: London Coming Soon

Hot on the heels of the Paris Challenge Mission, Mafia Wars developer Zynga isn’t giving Facebook Mafioso’s much time to rest. Challenge Mission: London begins in just over one day (Saturday the 29th at Midnight). Like stealing the Mona Lisa, players this time are tasked with an equally lofty goal: steal the crown jewels.

To gain access to London, it appears all players will need to recruit one new Mafia Wars player (or buy some hired guns with Reward Points). We currently have 149 members in our mafia, but the game is insisting we need 150 to participate.

Like the Paris Maps used in the Paris challenge mission, players will be spending British Passports as they complete this London challenge. These British Passports can be collected at random by fighting and completing jobs, and will (presumably) be doled out once per day once the challenge mission kicks off.

We’ll have a full report on Mafia Wars: London as soon as it goes live.

Ranch Town Adds Beehives

Wild West farming sim Ranch Town from Meteor Games added a new type of building/animal this week: Beehives! The beehives make honey obviously, but they do it in a way that is new to Ranch Town.

Every other Ranch Town animal and building takes one type of good and converts it into another, more valuable type. The cows eat Alfalfa and turn it into Milk, for example. But beehives create honey without actually consuming anything. Instead, players must have fully grown Alfalfa that is ready to be harvested. The bees will then leave the their beehive and pollinate the Alfalfa, one square at a time. Each square of Alfalfa a beehive pllinates will generate one jar of honey. The pollinated Alfalfa can then be harvested same as normal.

Honey can be sold for 5 coins a piece, right now, and will likely be useful in more Ranch Town recipes in the future.

Happy Island Adds Unhatched Mystery Egg

Happy Island developer Crowdstar made another mysterious addition to their island resort sim today, in the vein of the Box of the Unknown released earlier this month. This time, the mystery is surrounding an unhatched egg.

If players come back to Happy Island each day for 7 days straight, and click the “Incubate” button after selecting their egg, at the end the egg will hatch into… well… we aren’t exactly sure! It is a mystery, after all. Players can also instantly hatch their egg by paying 199 FB$ ($19.90).

It sounds like Crowdstar listened to player criticism regarding the Box of the Unknown, and made this Mystery Egg much more player friendly. It can be moved anywhere the player prefers, and it can even be stashed! Players will just need to remove it from their stash once per day to incubate it, and then it can go right back into storage.

Do you know what’s inside this Mysterious Nest? If so leave a note in the comments below!

Happy Island Adds Three More Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has released another set of new attractions, hot on the heels of the last batch, just released a few days ago. The Happy Island team has clearly been busy lately! Especially considering that each attraction can be upgraded twice, with new, more detailed artwork.

The new attractions are: Campfire, Palm Tree Nights, and Yard Sale. In contrast to the expensive yard sale and night club (both cost over 200,000 coins), the Campfire is very cheap at just 6,400 coins. It is interesting to think back to the beginnings of everyone’s Happy Island career, when a 5,000 coin attraction seemed expensive!

Happy Pets Releases Rocking Horse Gifts

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar expanded on its recent horse themed additions in an oblique way today, with a collection of three rocking horse gifts. Players can now gift one another blue, pink, and brown rocking horses.

Like all gifts, these items are free to send to fellow Happy Pets players, although there is a cap on how many gifts and individual can send in a single day.

Hotel City Releases Country Flags

Hotel City developer Playfish added a variety of country flags to the game’s decoration store, today. Like the recent outdoor decorations, flags have been given their own shop category.

Right now 16 countries are available, including United States, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Thailand, and several more. All are for sale for 10 Playfish Cash.

Country flags seem to be a popular item in social games these days. But in Hotel City, they actually make logical sense. Many hotels often feature a variety of international flags, to communicate their international appeal. Why someone farming a deserted island would want a giant flag pole is not as easily explained.

My Town May 27 Update

My Town’s May 27 update took on a somewhat Vegas-style flavor, this week. The three new buildings are: Wedding Chapel, Sphinx, and Olympus Casino. Like the previously released casino, the Olympus Casino gives players the chance to win Town Cash each time players harvest from it.

You might be wondering what makes a wedding chapel have anything to do with Las Vegas. We think it’s probably safe to assume that a normal wedding chapel doesn’t feature drive-thru service, or a giant neon sign…

Cafe World Running Memorial Day Sale

Social Games are truly becoming more and more like the real world. For months now the trend has been for real world holidays to influence and shape the virtual items created in all the biggest Facebook games. Now, popular sales and shopping days in the real world are translating into in-game discounts, as well.

Zynga is running an extensive sale within Cafe World for the next four days, ending Tuesday June 1st. Players can not only receive 28% off the purchase of Cafe Cash itself, but many Cafe Cash items have also had their prices reduced, giving players a shot at receiving double savings.

Flags are 50% off, cafe expansions are 20% off, super stoves are 25% off, and several individual decorations (chosen seemingly at random) have also received steep discounts.

Cafe World Releases Good Vs. Evil Decorations

Cafe World developer Zynga’s themes for their weekly item sets have been getting less and less literal and more creative, lately. This week’s Good Vs. Evil decorations are probably the most creative and unexpected example yet. In addition to all the expected decoration additions, Zynga also released Deviled Eggs and Angel Food Cake recipes, which we thought was a nice touch.

New decorations include: flame bench, studded skull door, cloud walking floor, pitchfork floorlamp, devilish waiter, singing doves, lute player, and flute player. One special note: because of Cafe World’s Memorial Day sale, these new shop items are a little harder to spot than normal – they are not front & center in the Cafe World shop.

Are you going good or evil (or neither) in Cafe World this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

Petville Releases Attic with Special Tahiki Door

Petville developer Zynga released a new room this week – attics! But in typical Petville fashion, the feature includes a special twist. The attic features a magic door that can take players to the special beach paradise of Tahiki, but only after all the locks have been unlocked.

The Tahiki door locks come in several colors, and need a key of that same color to unlock it. Players can purchase a key for 5 pet cash, or can gift keys to their friends. Players can also request keys of a specific color from their friends by making a Facebook wall post – two each of yellow, red, blue, green, and purple keys are needed.

Another mystery magic door is also present in the attic, with a teaser that states it will be released summer 2010. Where else would you like to see these magic doors take your pet? The ski slopes? The jungle? The possibilities are now truly endless.

As if this weren’t enough, a truly massive collection of Tahiki items has also been released. And we do mean massive. We have 20 pictures of all the new Tahiki shop items, and we still might have missed a couple. We’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating: the Petville team’s ability to release so many new items so quickly is amazing, and is without peer in the social gaming space today.

A small sampling of the new items: beach umbrellas, beach towels, surfboards, a sand castle, inflatable water toys, a wooden dock, a volleyball net, a hula dancer and fire juggler, fruit trees, a hammock, male and female Tahiki beach clothing, a sea turtle, a background island (with dinosaurs!), a crashed airplane (with pilot!), a jet ski, several LOST parody items including a dirty blue van and a submarine, and many, many more.

All in all, this is an extremely impressive Petville update. You can see out extensive picture gallery of the new Petville attics, Tahiki Magic Door, and Tahiki decorations below. This post now sets the record for the most pictures snapped for a single SGC blog post!