Zynga Launches FrontierVille!

A brand new game from FarmVille developer Zynga was launched today: FrontierVille! The game has been in the works for a long time. We first heard whispers about it way back in January, and then a few months later in April many more details were revealed. But now, the game is finally live, so no more rumors! Players can check the game out for themselves right here. Be warned: there might be a few growing pains for the young game. We had a heck of a time just getting it to load, the first time we logged in.

In FrontierVille, players begin with next to nothing – just a wagon, a few crops, and a plot of land overrun with trees and grass and rocks. The goal is to slowly and steadily clear and cultivate the land, build a cabin, and eventually, raise a family. The experience might sound similar to FarmVille, but the two are quite different – FrontierVille uses an Energy system and is much more of a traditional RPG.

Players have a set amount of energy that refills over time. Every action a player takes, whether it is chopping down a tree, harvesting a crop, constructing a building, or feeding an animal, spends some of this energy. So players have to prioritize and decide what is most important to them. Do they want to spend their full energy bar on constructing that cabin, or feeding those hungry animals?

Everything a player does earns rewards. Either XP, coins, food, or wood. XP increases a player’s level, coins are used to buy items from the marketplace, food can be eaten to give a player an energy boost, and wood is used to construct buildings. One nice touch is that these rewards, even the XP, actually appear on the game screen itself when a task is completed, and players must click on them to collect them. If a bunch of rewards are clicked very quickly, a special bonus is earned. Think of it like a rudimentary combo meter.

To keep players on the right track a robust quest system is in place. Quests begin very easy, tasking players with feeding a few animals, or constructing a cabin. But over time we’re sure the quest goals will become more long term, designed to remind players what they are working towards.

FrontierVille is very simple and easy to understand, but it seems to have a bigger scope than Zynga’s previous titles. Players start with quite literally nothing, but will eventually grow their little plot of land into a bustling frontier town! Right now a General Store, a School House, and an Inn are all listed on in the FrontierVille marketplace.

We’ll have much more on FrontierVille in the days to come. For now, check out our FrontierVille picture gallery below.

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  1. My initial run through the game makes me think that this is a hybrid of Farmville and Treasure Island. Looks promising so far. We’ll see if it can hold my interest!

    • Matt
    • June 9th, 2010

    Energy? Can someone explain to me why they would a game mechanism which stops me from playing about 10 minutes in?

    I smell failure on the horizon.

    Back to Restaurant City!

    • Melissa
    • June 15th, 2010

    help, My frontierville will not load says something about lost internet connection please refresh, but all my other games load

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