Five FrontierVille Tips & Tricks

By now everyone has had a chance to give FrontierVille, Zynga’s newest & most ambitious game, a shot. Whether a player wants to build a town, farm some crops, or just quietly raise a family, FrontierVille seems to offer something for everyone.

One side effect of the game’s increased scope and ambition is that there are a greater number of tricks, cheats, and shortcuts to be uncovered than in a game like, say, FarmVille. That’s where we come in! Below we have compiled a helpful collection of five FrontierVille tricks & facts that you might not have noticed.

1) Crop plots can be moved
This one is fairly self-explanatory. Once a player has planted a crop, it isn’t stuck there! Using the move tool, players can move crops anywhere they like. Helpful if (like us) you prefer your crops to be in perfect rows, but accidentally mislay one.

2) Don’t delete withered crops
Accidentally plant some crops at a poor time and lose a ton of money due to withering? Never fear! Every neighbor that visits your ranch can revive up to five dead crops for you. There doesn’t seem to be a time limit, either. Even if it takes a week, a player can leave all their dead crops in the middle of their ranch, and just wait patiently for a friendly neighbor to provide a second chance at harvesting them. Eventually, your neighbors will revive them all.

3) Bears & snakes aren’t really that threatening
Chopping down a tree and having a bear pop out is certainly startling. The natural reaction is to deal with the animal as quickly as possible. But, as weird as it sounds, having a bear standing around isn’t necessarily such a big deal. The bear only affects a small area of your ranch. So if you have to choose between scaring away a bear on one side of your ranch, or harvesting valuable crops on the other, the bear can safely be ignored.

4) It’s still all about farming
After players complete the initial stages of the game, and clear out their living space, they will quickly run out of activities to spend their energy on. At that point, is it best to get lots of fruit trees, or animals, or farm plots? The answer is farming. And it isn’t even close.

Players will earn FAR more coins and XP per each energy spent farming than with any other activity. Players just need to pay attention to how much they plant, so there aren’t 40 crops all ready to harvest at once, but only 25 energy left to harvest them

5) Long term farming is better than short term
There is a strong desire in most FrontierVille players to plant 4, 8, or 12 hour crops because, who in the world wants to wait four days to harvest peanuts, right?

Not quite. The truth is, the longer it takes a crop to grow, the more XP and coins the player earns when they harvest it. But the catch is, each harvest still takes one energy! So the best FrontierVille farming method is to plant long-term crops, but to stagger them, so there is something to harvest every day. Let’s take a look at an example:

If a player plants 10 1-day Wheat crops every day, they will be earning 100 XP and 2,220 coins per day, when they harvest. But if they planted 10 4-day Peanut crops per day instead, they would be earning 130 XP and a whopping 7,250 coins per day! It’s true that for the first few days the player will earn nothing, as their first set of Peanuts mature, but it only takes a few days for a player to be harvesting and planting their staggered peanut crops every day, just like they would have been doing with Wheat.

The bottom line is, if a player will be spending their energy to harvest once, twice, or three times a day, better for that harvest to be very-profitable Peanuts or Cotton. With staggered planting times, the lengthy growth period becomes a non-issue – after just a few days there will be as much farming activity as there would be planting much faster crops.

That’s all the FrontierVille secrets we have to share for now! If there’s any helpful hints or tips we didn’t cover, leave a comment and let us know!

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    • JuJuBee
    • July 2nd, 2010

    You crop advice is not entirely correct. It depends *heavily* on how much space you have available, your max energy, and how often you play. You are making a few assumptions that should be addressed.

    Let’s assume that you have a max energy of 20, and that you log on twice a day.

    If you only have room for 40 crops, then plant corn (12h), sunflower(18h) or wheat (24h).

    If you have room for 60 to 80 crops, then plant peas (48h) (or less), and rotate them.

    If you have room for 80 to 120 crops, then plant cotton (72h) (or less), and rotate them.

    etc., etc.

    Basically, you want to plant the crops with the shortest maturation time, assuming that you can turn them over without letting them wither.

    Keep in mind: Crops give you lots of food to buy energy. Levels give you free energy refills — if you time them correctly to take advantage. You can use the coins to buy windmills & looms, which yield XP, giving you more level-up refills. The Sunflower collection gives you +8 energy.

    Point being, you can handle a lot more crops than your nominal energy accrual will allow. Especially when you consider that crops don’t wither for 2x the maturation time. They can sit around until you get the energy to harvest them, if you need it.

    I have 400 sunflowers, and manage to get to all of them within a day. (But, I also play frequently, and my energy max is fairly high). I could theoretically do corn, but that’s a little too tight for me, and I like the sunflower collection energy bonus.

    • Jeff
    • July 23rd, 2010

    helpful facts and hints for frontierville

    1. DO NOT turn in collections as they are completed. Unless the collection reward is a valuable item you require for progression such as a bouquet or down feathers or saltpeter then do not turn the collection in. You can always turn it in later, there is no great hurry. If you turn in a collections as they are completed you will quickly regret it as many quest require a wide variety of rare collectibles.

    2. This is NOT Farmville. I see many people complaining that they can’t complete quests quickly, or want to know why their friends are all passing them in experience meanwhile their farm is 90% crops with a thin strip of buildings cramed in the corner. What may have worked for Farmville will not necessarily work here. Playing this game as though it were farmville may impead your progress significantly. The best source of experience in this game comes from completeing quests not from farming. And to complete quests its often necessary to clear debris, chop trees, and kill varmints. You will need to leave one quarter of your land to grow wild. Mature trees are required for grass, sprouts and debris to appear. Focus towards making an efficient managible farm.

    3. Clearing debris at first may seem frustrating. Debris will not grow directly beside any placed object or underneath any animals. When you are just starting out its helpful to build fences and place various items around evenly until you gain a control over the amount of debris being generated. It’s also handy to leave stumps behind at first as they occupy space. Do this until you’ve gotten your forest down to a managable size. You can clear debris from behind trees that is mostly hidden from view by hiring friends and clicking on one piece of debris peaking out from behind a tree. This frees up room for more trees to sprout where you want them to sprout, in your forest.

    4. People complain they don’t have enough energy. I don’t understand this as i have more than enough energy and look for ways to waste it every day. I give away all the breakfasts and snacks people gift me too. And I still have a surplus of food. I’ve sat down at this game and played it for 3 hours straight and not run out of energy. So if you are finding you don’t have enough energy I can only imagine you aren’t spending it wisely or you have forgotten rule number two. The best source of energy are fruit trees, especially cherry trees. they almost always give back energy equal to the work you put into them and they generate a lot of food which you can spend on breakfasts. Invest in plenty of horses and buy a second inn. After buying your horses use a few animal ready boosts from your bear collection to grow them to full maturity. Horse collections provide mules which also provide more energy. Brushing neighbors horses is a great way to get complete this collection quickly. Just think, harvesting 6 horses, followed by one animal ready boost, and then harvesting those same six horses again provides a total of 120 energy! Also be sure to tend all your neighbors farms as it rewards you with energy.

    5. Refresh your screen frequently, especially if its 4 o’clock central time or what i call frontierville rush hour. This is the time of the day where you can visit your neighbors again so many people hurry to play the game. You’re only allowed 5 visitors on your screen, including yourself, unless you have paid for the lesson at school that increases this to 6. Those who visit your farm after your queue of visitors is filled are ignored and you may be missing out. Accept your friends quickly. However be sure to not already be at max energy as energy is often generated by their actions they take. I personally dismiss any freinds who harvest my horses as i want my horses to be ready and available when i need them to be. The more freinds who visit your farm is less energy you have to spend doing your own work.

    6. Varmints such as bears and snakes are an excellent source of gold and experience. I see people quarantining these animals in corners because doing so prevents further bears and snakes from appearing as only one of each can occupy the screen at a time. This is a bad idea. The energy put into these is one of the best pay offs in the game, not to mention the animal ready boost from bears is potentially the best reward in the game. Sometimes the game won’t allow you to post a further bear or snake reward after having posted the initial one each session, so i refresh the screen after each kill. (i’m not sure if this is a bug or if it’s intentional) The experince gifts these provide your freinds is also the best source of steady experience in the game. Having said that i must admit while doing the 1500 peanut quest i did quarantined a gopher in the corner because they do begin to get annoying after awhile.

    7. Selling animals as they mature is a good source of food, especially pigs, cows an oxen. Besides that it’s not the best practice. Animals sold only provide a very slight profit. Unless you are desperate for food, continuing to tend full grown animals if a far greater source of expericne and income than selling them off every time they mature. For example pigs generate 18 gold while maturing, plus a profit of only 50 gold for selling as an adult for a total of 68 gold. meanwhile they could be generating a total of 279 gold as adults during that same period. However its worth noting that a number of quests require you sell off your adult animals.

    8. Cacti like large open rocky grassy areas. They take a few days to appear. Be sure you have at least one mature oak or pine tree on your farm for debris to generate. Clear the wild flowers as they are not needed and allow room for more debris. Give them plenty of room to grow. The area of the map is not a factor. cactus will grow anywhere just give them as much room to grow as you can manage.

    9. Thorns like to grow along the tree line of your forest and in deep forests and regrow like weeds. If thorns aren’t growing then you need to allow your trees to grow denser and older. Thorns will grow anywhere on the map, top or bottom doesn’t matter, however since they can regrow quickly its best to clear away an area you last remember seeing a thorn. Make sure buildings are well away from this area as debris won’t grow too close to any placed object. If it appears they prefer the top right corner of the map it’s only because this corner initially started out with the densest oldest growth of trees and thorns tend to regrow at their last location.

    10. Apple pies, apricot oil, ribeye steaks and other rare items take time to collect. Be patient. If you have been following rule number one then you likely won’t have any trouble collecting these items as you may already have them in your inventory when you finaly get the quest for them. Apparently, or so it is rumored, having your spouse or child collect these objects increases the chance of rare collectibles from generating. I’ve also read people claiming that they recieve a better chance of rare collectibles from tending neighbors crops rather than their own. I’m not sure as to what extent this is true as honestly the drop rate feels about the same to me. Most rare objects have a 1% drop rate. Be prepared to farm alot of apple trees, apricot trees and oxen and don’t expect to gather the items you need quickly. Find out if the quest turn-in consumes the rare item you need or not. You might be able to borrow an item from a friend and return the item after the quest has been completed.

    11. When collecting a dozen eggs from you coop and two pillows from your inn be aware that you don’t always get a collectible each time you collect your daily bonus. It will literally take several months of daily bonuses to complete these quests unless you construct additional inns and coops. The process of constructing approximately 5 coops will finish the egg quest. There is no need to actualy finishing the new buildings as this consumes valuable building materials. Simply construct the frame and when they frame is finished delete it. The frame will not refund you any gold, but that’s okay. These quest chains will eventually lead to major experince bonuses and lots of free horseshoes so they are well worth it.

    • Jimbob
    • July 23rd, 2010

    “The process of constructing approximately 5 coops will finish the egg quest.”

    All I say to that sir is HA! I had to build 12 to finish this quest and I have NEVER seen anything pop out of a chicken coop when completing the daily bonus. Good luck to the people on that quest, its a pain.

    • todd bailey
    • August 3rd, 2010

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    • Saad
    • September 8th, 2010

    I am in level 29 and i am using the zynga toolbar which shows the progress of the bonus and the crops when they are ready and how much time is left but now it is showing ready crops and i didn’t find anyone ready. Can somebody help me plzzzzzzzzz

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